Back pain...we are getting good results!

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    Many here have talked about back pain. Sorry to beat a dead horse, etc.
    I have ordered more or less five books on the subject used from amazon due to husband's back pain. He went to a doctor...said he needed surgery. He has herniated disks and stenosis. He was to get a second opinion and the guy cancelled last second. I asked that he try alternative medicine, until he can get a second opinion. It has been very obvious that when husband does the alternative stuff...he is MUCHO better. I mean black and white obvious. If he stops his routine...the pain flares. Sometimes it is UGLY. When he sticks to his routine consistently...he pretty much has no pain. Actually, one day he said "OMG...I have no pain today!."

    This is his "somewhat" controversial routine:

    1. Drinking one glass of white wine each night. They say a small amount of wine has medicinal properties.
    2. Walking 20 minutes every morning early in the morning...outside (5 days a week). The movement might oxygenate the cells. A little sunshine is good for the soul.
    3. He drinks a little coffee in the morning (always did that), but now drinks a a cup of coffee in the mid afternoon as well. Perhaps it helps with circulation...hard to say. But, he seems to need the balance of one in the morning and one in the afternoon...or he gets back pain. Go figure.
    4. If he has even a little discomcort in the afternoon, he takes a Naproxen....high dosage.
    5. He takes a NeuroOptimizer tablet and B12 (Methyl. type)tablet before bed. You can get them at the health food store. They help with memory. The B12 helps with many things...might be good for the spine too.
    5. He's going to bed about 30 minutes earlier than he use to. He wakes up more refreshed. This helps to ease tension.

    If the back pain worsens even after doing all of this and showing improvement...he is going to look into spinal decompression (the machines) or a neuro chiropractor.

    We are tyring to avoid surgery. REcent developments (clear improvement), experience and readings lead us to believe that although a few might absolutely need surgery...many can avoid it through other means. It just seems to be a long road...much effort...trial and error, etc