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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by AmericanGirl, Jan 10, 2012.

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    Took difficult child back to dorm (across town) today. None too soon. He didn't get up until 130, left a mess and ddn't take hs alarm clock. Want to bet he sleeps through his first 11am tomorrow?

    I don't miss him. I want to detox my home. He was rude and hateful most of his month here. I have litte faith he will stay sober or pass. Which will literally mean he is on the streets at the end of April when the dorms close.

    He had the nerve to ask what he was supposed to do if he needed money. You got room and board plus tuition and books fully paid for. That is much more than anyone ever did for me.

    Sorry....needed to rant a bit. Just thankful to sleep without worrying what he might do.

    P.S. my first alanon meeting was awesome! Felt like i found 9 kindred spirits.
  2. lovemysons

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    Hi Alabamagirl,
    I hear ya on that being more than you ever got.
    Sometimes it is SO HARD for husband and I to understand our difficult child's when we were once "there" and had it soooooo much tougher than they do! And yet they can't...or won't seem to get up and on with things like we were expected to do once upon a time. It really is upsetting.

    Glad to hear you went to Al Anon meeting and found a good group to support you in person.
    Caring thoughts,
  3. Nancy

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    Whew/phew I remember the relief when husband and I dropped difficult child off t college two years agi August. We felt like we could finally breath. Of course it didn't last long because she was arrested two months later for drinking/smoking pot, but the time she was in college was so peaceful for us.

    Enjoy the peace and quiet. His future is up to him now.

  4. AmericanGirl

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    I completely agree Nancy.

    He attended Celebrate Recovery tonight and called me afterwards. Was really happy and polite. Also texted me after hs first classes to let me know what he needed for classes. Progress? Dunno yet.

    Funny but he posted a picture of his dorm room on Facebook....tidy and orderly. He was a total slob here. Makes me wonder how much of his behavior is simply aimed at defying me...hmmm.

    Anyhow, i am enjoying the peace. Just nice not to have to lock up everything and live on the edge of my seat.
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    I'm glad you have some peace. Enjoy however much of it you get. Good for him going to his meeting. He's only been there, what, a day? His room will be a heap as soon as the pressure is on. I hope he will make it through. One day at a time. Hugs and prayers to you.
  6. pinevalley

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    Alabama Girl:

    I completely understand how awful it is to have to lock up everything in your house all the time from your difficult child. We are doing this right now in our home and it is really exhausting. My son has repeatedly stolen cash, credit cards, and even a box that was filled with over $200 in change. When I walk our dog I have to take my purse with me, to keep my son from stealing everything in my purse. It looks funny, but we can't trust our difficult child for more than one second. I am happy for your calm house now, and that your son is doing much better now. Enjoy the quiet at home!
  7. Signorina

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    I had a deadbolt installed on my closet door. I put my purse and jewelry box in there when we have parties or workers at the house. Although difficult child has not stolen from us afaik, I also keep it locked when I am not in my bedroom while he is here. No temptation.

    Fwiw-my engagement ring was stolen when our mattress was delivered and I've had wallets cleaned out at parties we've attended. People stink sometimes
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    Hang in there Alabama Girl!

    Get the much needed peace you deserve. Him attending a meeting is a great sign! Maybe he wants a change for himself. He is lucky to be able to be in school!

    I have often wondered what an Alanon meeting would be like. May give it a try.....fingers crossed for you son....

    by the way....I am an Alabama Girl too....grew up there....but now in yucky FL....
  9. Kathy813

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    I know the feeling of peace when my difficult child leaves even after a short visit. You can finally relax and not worry about what they might be up to (or stealing).

    I found that out of sight out of mind was really true for me. Enjoy!