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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by StressedM0mma, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. StressedM0mma

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    difficult child heads back to school tomorrow. And, I should be excited. Instead I am filled with dread. The battle to get her up and out the door to school begins again. I hate it. I am hoping that with the new year we will have a better track record. I am trying so hard to be optimistic, but it is so hard when I know what lies ahead.
    I wake up every morning in a panic. Worried whether she will be going to school, or if she will be to "tired" to go. I know the depression is a big part of it, but I just really want her to take some ownership of all of this. Hopefully therapy will help. We start tomorrow.
  2. TeDo

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    Good thing therapy starts tomorrow as well. I totally understand the dread when it comes to school but in our case it was "how long before the school calls me to come get difficult child 1?" I hate to tell you, but.....the beginning of a new calendar year has never been shown to improve difficult child behavior. LOL Sorry, I know this isn't funny. I hope you take this as the idiotic statement from a nutty mother it was meant to be to MAYBE give you a very small chuckle? Hmmmm

    Have you seen any improvement in the depression since you started the Zoloft? I am assuming you started that when you got the depression diagnosis in Nov. When was the last time she was at the psychiatrist?
  3. Bunny

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    I hope that all goes well tomorrow morning. I know that feeling of dread.
  4. buddy

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    Yeah, not especially looking forward to the school roller coaster tomorrow either. I will be thinking of you. I hope she can wake and get going.... Q sleeps in his clothes...I doubt a fashionista make-up loving girl would do that though.
  5. StressedM0mma

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    Buddy there is no way that she would sleep in her clothes. I hate that I get so worked up over getting her up in the mornings. I let it ruin my day. Which I hate. I thought Q loved riding the bus to school? I keep pretending that since it is a new year things will go more smoothly. Yeah right.
    difficult child mentioned the other day that she wishes she could just go back on the Celexa. She had no problems getting up in the mornings on it. But the psychiatrist won't even listen to her. psychiatrist said that because she was cutting while she was on it, it obviously wasn't working. difficult child tried to explain that she wasn't depressed then, she was just cutting to solve her problems instead of dealing with them. And psychiatrist said she was on the max dose of Celexa. I get that she is the psychiatrist and all, but it is frustrating. I feel like she isn't listening to difficult child or me. It might be time to get a second opinion. difficult child's therapist mentioned that they have a psychiatrist in the office that deals with teens. It also will be out of network, but it might be worth it to see what he has to say. Thinking about mentioning it to therapist tomorrow.
  6. confuzzled

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    dreading right along with you....i couldnt get mine out of bed by 8:30 today, let alone the 6am she needs to get up for school.

    while i miss the routine, none of us miss the mornings! (or any associated school day phone calls :shudder: )
  7. StressedM0mma

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    Well, it is 11:35 here, and I cannot get her out of bed. She is too tired. So, I have little if any hope for tomorrow morning. Sometimes I just want to scream "I HATE MY LIFE!!!!" I hate this stress. And, I hate that I let it bother me so much. The other night in the middle of her gfgness she said "I don't want to be part of this family" And, right at that moment I had to agree with her. I so need a break from her. I commend all of you that are dealing with so much more. You truly are my heroes.
  8. buddy

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    10:40 and mine is still asleep too but I live for these days! I just hate the pre medication morning behavior (though better than off clonidine patch for sure, not aggressive just mouthy). I am just never looking forward to the calls from school. OH MY, just remembered since it is Tues he has two dr. bus in the a.m. OH happy happy joy joy... that will be fun. (not)

    What about ice???? (sorry just being goofy now)

    At what point do you think you will just let her suffer the consequences of not getting up? Do you think you can do that? I suppose unless you get a note from the dr. for homebound or change of schedule, then they will hold you accountable anyway. I am sorry for this stress. So very hard when on the one hand you get it that they are sick, or disabled etc... but on the other hand, you are working harder than they are to improve things.
  9. Mamaof5

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    I'm the opposite...they go back the 9th (were off 24th). I can't freaking wait....besides, I work now so it's husband's responsibility to play the "get them to school" roller coaster game now. HA!

    The only thing I'm dreading is being up at 530am on a Sunday (7 am start for Sunday shift) Oiy, but worth it...sooooo worth it.
  10. HMBgal

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    I'm feeling the stress, too, both as a teacher of kids with special needs and worries about my grandson, who unbeknownst to him will have a sub teacher for the next month. Groan. And a new aide. Back story: My husband was quite sick over the holidays and his doctor sent him in for a CT scan. While he was there, he ran into my grandson's teacher. She shared that she was trying to put off a procedure she needs until the end of the school year, but she can't, so has to take a month off. She is going to school tomorrow to announce it to the class, then is leaving. My husband doesn't feel like he can violate her privacy by telling anyone, even my daughter, so neither one of us has said a word. I feel like if she felt the need or had the desire to let my daughter know, she would have sent an email or something. I'm kind of torn about this.

    On the upside, as a teacher, I've noticed that after the break, (well, after the first week of being back from the break), a lot of the kids seem to have finally adapted/figured out/whatever to the routine and often do quite well until the end of the school year. Here's hoping!

    Good luck everybody! Happy bubble. Happy bubble. Happy bubble. (Shoot, now where did I leave it?!).