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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by lillians, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. lillians

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    this am my hubbys pockets were once more emptied,, she took all his money,, but funny enough no fighting when i suggested to her that dadides money was gone again,, and we had no more for gas or food,, and perhaps she could have a look around upstairs for us and try to find it,, and lo and behold she found it--every penny,, saved a 2 hour fighting and screaming battle,, but now we have to find hiding places again omg!! when will it ever end
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    im so sorry. we go thru a stealing issue here as well. not with my difficult child, yet my boyfriend's oldest. we have now gotten a lock on our bedroom door. so, anything of any value whatsoever goes in our room. it's ridiculous to have to live this way, yet it seems like the only way for me.

    just an idea. sorry you have to deal with that. it can be so frustrating and upsetting.

  3. compassion

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    We have two safes and all credit cads,keys and money goes n there. Yes, t is fruatrating but I have accepted it for now. Compassion
  4. Nancy423

    Nancy423 do I have to be the mom?

    Yep. I never carry cash anymore, only debit card (which thankfully she hasn't taken yet) and we lock our bedroom door so we can keep my laptop and other vaulables in there.

    If we do find soemthing missing I do the same thing - ask her if she's seen it and what it's for (usually like it's for us to go to McDonald's or something interesting for her)

    But then, with my difficult child, I do suspect kleptomania. I've always thought that.
  5. Critter Lover

    Critter Lover New Member never ended for me until difficult child moved out a week ago today. It is nice to not have to lock all doors and worry about someone sneaking in to your personal things to get what they want. :D We have felt like prisoners in our own house for so long....that this way of living is a new experience. I still have a habit of wanting to lock our door at night and I catch myself saying.....No I do not have to do that anymore.

    I do understand everyone who has posted a reply and your post. Been there done that feeling and I totally understand everyone's frustration in the matter.

    Good luck and HUGS!

    Critter Lover
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    I spoke too soon :( I could not find my credit card I called and there was 115 dollar to Olive Garder Tuesday night. Glad I found out. I cancelled it. Also missing cell phone and a car key. It is frutrating and time consuming. She is highly manic right now -that is when it happens the most She will not come home. We think she is with her friend Emily as she is calling me from r cell. We will not give her money beyond $20 -said have food here. She also needs to take mood stabilizer. Compassion
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    I used to sleep with my purse. It had everything I could think of in it so that it wouldn't get taken or used inappropriately -- all keys, wallet, cell phone, house phone, mouse. It was a truly horrible way to live. I learned the hard way to not quit doing it.

    I will say that I am far more trusting now that she has lived on her own awhile. She really is beginning to see what an impact taking money and things has on others. She also is beginning to see the value of a dollar. I honestly thought the day would never come.