Back to the OB dr. today

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by joneshockey, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. joneshockey

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    Well, today is the day... I have ANOTHER OB appointment at 3:30. They are rechecking my bloodpressure and protein counts again. I had my bloodpressure read a couple of times over the last week and they have been near normal so I am hoping that things will continue on as normal. I will post an update after I get home tonight.

    My hope is that I regain some energy this morning, because as a of right now I am EXHAUSTED after working a 12 hour day yesterday.:bloodshot:
  2. DDD

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    Sending supportive thoughts and hugs your way. I hope the appointment shows that you've stabilized and have no further reason to be concerned. DDD
  3. joneshockey

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    I just got home from the OB's office. My blood pressure was still on the high side (148/92) so they are going to up my bloodpressure medications (200mg 2 X per day, instead of 100mg 2X per day) and then I have to be rechecked again next Friday to see if I am stablized by then. He told me just to watch out for being dizzy which would indicate a low blood pressure concern. So we will see... I will take my first new dose tonight.
  4. Hound dog

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    Hope the medications work. Did he check your urine while you were there?

    I know, I'm a nag. lol

  5. joneshockey

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    Yes, and he said that it came back fine... He also checked my reflexes and swelling and determined that he thinks it is just a blood pressure issue and NOT pre-eclampsia (we can only hope right?), however I think it is only a matter of time before pre-elcampsia kicks in! I will take whatever time Emily will give me before heading towards bed rest! I am still taking it as easy as I can each evening (when I don't have work-related functions and the kids go to bed early) - I am pretty tired tonight after the LONG day yesterday, I am glad that I only have students 1/2 a day tomorrow and planning with my grade-level partner in the afternoon, so I at least will be off my feet part of the day tomorrow. I will keep everyone posted on any new developments.
  6. DDD

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    I'm glad that your update is positive. Fingers crossed that all continues on a positive plane. DDD
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    Hey, hoping you can get enough rest, your life is pretty busy. Thinking of you, Emily and the rest of the fam.

  8. Hound dog

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    Well that IS good news! And I hope that the medications work to control it then without it progressing into anything else. Continue to take it as easy as possible. Creating new life is hard work all by itself. lol