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    Almost a year ago we had to stop working with the only therapist that difficult child would willingly enter the office and speak with. therapist was moving to a new practice and a non-competition agreement prevented us from continuing with therapist. I fought that hard and got the former practice to agree that we could continue with therapist with me as the named patient. Then I abruptly got an email from therapist saying that she had to terminate with us. Well took a while before I got the full story. The new practice that therapist joined (and with whom the prior practice made agreement that I could continue) went into bankruptcy. therapist found out the day before she started at new practice, which essentially no longer existed, and therapist was out of job. So she had no choice at that point but to terminate with us.

    In the ensuing months we had difficult child evaluated by a Neuropyschologist, who recommended family therapy, which husband refuses to participate in. In a subsequent discussion with neuropsychologist one of her suggestions was to recontact prior therapist. She was very frustrated that prior therapist was not allowed to continue working with us when therapist had been so sucessful in engaging difficult child.

    So I spoke with former therapist and she is more than willing to work with difficult child again. I have an appointment set up with therapist (without difficult child) to review everything that has gone on in the past year. The appointment is just past the 1 year mark when she is released from the non-competition agreement. We will then start scheduling appts with difficult child.

    I hope that difficult child is receptive and that this turns out to be a good step.
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    Wow, what a roller-coaster journey you have been on. I hope it works out for difficult child.
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    Not to hijack this thread or anything, but what is it with DHs who won't participate in family counseling? Mine is the same way. difficult child has been seeing the therapist for three years now and he's been in the man's office exactly twice!

    Gald that you were able to get back to the therapist that difficult child was willing to work with. I hope that she can continue to help.

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    glad difficult child is going to be able to see the old therapist. It can make all the difference in the world! My difficult child has been going to his therapist since he was in 6!