bad car accident


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We very much missed you and hope you are on the mend. Take care of yourself and get better. That's the important thing.

New Leaf

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Sending warmth and Aloha. It is gratifying to know you are here. May the healing powers work through your body. Malama pono-take care.

Tanya M

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SWOT, I am so sorry to hear this. How scary not to remember, but then again that might be a good thing.
I am so glad you are ok. You have been missed.
Sending you gentle ((hugs)) and prayers for quick and complete healing.



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So glad you've posted! Loads of hugs. Your sister let us know what had happened. Hope that's a positive. x


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Just was able to sign in, your in my prayers and thoughts. Im glad your doing better, and please, plenty of rest! :getwell: Gentle :hugs: