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    My 25-yo difficult child wrote over $3200 in bad checks in TX from Sept-Nov. How long does it take for charges to be placed? We know some of the vendor checks have been turned over to the respective counties, but nothing farther. What is the situation with this, how do things usually proceed and how long is jail time? This is totally new to us.

    Also, how can you be charged with doctor shopping if the Rxs you get are not paid for by insurance? Who comes after you? difficult child obtained SEVERAL Rxs for pain pills, most recently over the past 6-8 months. We got a happy surprise (sarcasm follows that) when I balanced our checkbook and saw the first debit off our debit card was for a prescription in TX in January, we live in TN!! We were able to trace it back with an Rx # and verification that it was difficult child's medication, but, of course, she knows nothing about the Rx, it's not hers, she didn't pick it up...........surprisingly, although we couldn't get the name of the medication, we did find out that it was a pain medication, what a shock!! I know ins companies can come after you, but if you go to random docs only 1-2 times, how does someone add it all up and charge you??

    Things are getting sadder and sadder, she checked herself out of a state paid stay in rehab (the other two times she went on our dime, in 2004-2005, she stayed in both 28-day and 8 month programs; she stayed sober after the 8-month one for almost 4 years) after 3 days with lame excuses, the saddest one being that she missed her 23-month-old daughter. Well, she won't be able to check out of jail, which I finally have gotten thru my thick head is going to be the only thing left that has a chance of helping her. She seems to have no concern that this may happen (esp since she has never been jailed), probably because she believes that husband and I will rescue her at the last minute. To save ourselves and her, we just can't, but the day the call comes that she has been jailed will be heartbreaking. I just hope we can stay strong and not cave. I am so mad at her right now that I have not spoken to her in 11 days, the longest ever voluntarily, but getting that Rx without our permission was it for me. I text her a couple of times a week to say I love you and that I love our precious granddaughter, but letting her know I love her is the most I am willing to do.
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    Well...its called worthless check and it depends on the amount of the check. Did she write them on her account or forge the checks on someone elses account? That makes a huge difference too. If they are forged checks, she is in a world of trouble. In any case, the stores or wherever they were cashed will turn them over to the magistrate and they will go after her for prosecution.

    I dont have a clue about doctor shopping.
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    If the pain medications are a controlled substance, then it could be a crime.
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    Our difficult child got in trouble for writing bad checks. There were two checks for about $15, written from a closed account. She knew the account was closed. Guess what they were for? Pizza.

    I don't know how long it took because she had thrown away all of the early correspondence, when I'm sure the problem could have been easily fixed. She had to go to court, but got away with fines only, due to some retribution program. The checks had to be made good, plus court costs, plus a few other fines.

    I don't have any idea about the doctor shopping.