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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Chaosuncontained, Dec 13, 2011.

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    I haven't slept well in a while. But it's worse since last Thursday. That was the day he slapped his brother and I found out Dad (EX) is planning his c*** this coming Summer. Then Friday he had a horrid day at school, called his teacher an awful name and pulled the knife from the drawer.

    Yesterday morning I called his doctor to discuss possible medication changes. He never returned my call (and I called again to make sure the nurse got my message).

    So, I spent all last night dreaming that either the doctor has "fired" us...or that he is trying to figure out just what the heck to do with us...OR he's planning on putting him in hospital. OMG. I know I am now feeling desperate and paranoid. But I literally spent all night trying to get a hold of my ex, my husband. Pick him up from school. Keep calm. Pack clothes. Explain it to him. Try not to cry. Worry. Half dreaming...half awake. Going back to sleep to start all over again. I bet I spent 4-5 hours yesterday online researching, googling stuff...and it never seems to answer any real questions. Just create more worry or frusteration.

    He is on a medication for ADHD--it isn't proving to be real effective.
    He is on a medication for Depression--the school's evaluation showed "clinically signifigant" re depression. He talked suicide w her!
    He is on a medication for mood/aggression. HA.

    WTH!? I feel like the little chicken running around screaming "the sky is falling" and no one believes me--but this time the SKY IS REALLY FALLING!!!

    Calling the doctor again... and then trying to take a nap.
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    AS your googling, not sleeping last night, sister here, (not even going into my volunteer stuff today....) I just want to say, I get it. Holding your hand all the way from MN
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    I am sorry you are under such stress and pressure.
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    I've done what you are doing. The best thing I've done when I'm like that is journal. I can't really even post here when I'm like that because I don't make much sense and my filter for what is appropriate is way off when I'm like that. Of course no one around can talk to me because what I go through scares them all. Can't go to a therapist because of money. Religion helps me too. So does exercise. Sometimes I've had to take medications as well. Again money can be a problem.

    You've got to take care of you. Much easier said than done.

    Have you been able to get a lawyer? Has ex relented at all? How about ex's wife? She didn't want difficult child the first time because of his behavior (which hasn't changed or has gotten worse). Can you get difficult child's tdocs to recommend your house to the court?
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    ((HUGS)) I was in your place just a few days ago. I rambled all over the place here. I am so sorry you are going through this. I hope the Dr. calls back soon. And, you can get some sleep.