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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Tiapet, Nov 26, 2012.

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    So we've been here a year now and we are STILL getting catalogs/mail for the prior resident and sometimes the resident before him despite me contacting the postmaster (who told me to send a letter with who actually lives here - mail carrier just taped it to our mail box!) about what to do twice and calling each catalog company to have them stop sending them since the mail must deliver them as they are also "or current resident". It's insane I tell you as this guy must have subscribed or managed to get on just about every possible catalog available out there, even ones I never knew existed! Such obscure ones too.

    For example, he was getting 2-3 that had to do with knives and guns. They had to GO! No way I was having that coming with difficult children around. He got BARBIE catalogs (this was a middle aged gentleman with a male partner-yes we knew details of past resident). Why Barbie? I could go on and on with all the different ones. I've been over run with them and getting them to stop has been quite the feat. I still haven't gotten about 10 of them to do it yet. Today I get the newest Hammacher Sclamacher one.

    This is where this post comes to fruition.........

    I'm a bad mommy with evil thoughts. Ms. Queen has been such an obsessive control freak and causing such havoc of late, especially with my Mom being here who she thinks she can play on and manipulate since Mom doesn't know "all" the tactics she uses. Well, I had an evil little thought that crossed my mind as I quickly looked at it. Terrible mom that I am just felt like "what if" I got revenge just once?

    So I thought she REALLY hates spiders, I mean REALLY hates them and will scream and carry on. She screams and carries on anyway so why not do it just for amusement purposes for me for once in an act of revenge? Ok, it won't literally harm her or anything bad but.....well let's just get this over with..

    I saw this and that's where the evil thought came from.

    Ok, I can take it. Tell me I'm a bad mommy! LOL

    On that note, how about turning this thread into the "bad mommy" thread and posting what we'd give our difficult child's for xmas if we were evil santas just for fun? If nothing else it might be amusing and blow off some steam.
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    Tiapet, absolutely you're a Bad Mommy for getting the tarantula, and YES, I think it's a BRILLIANT idea.

    As an aside, I LOVE the Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue. They have the craziest merchandise, and I subscribe to it simply for entertainment.

    For my Bad Mummy gift, I would get this: The evil is that all 3 boys are just NUTS about cars, and I would play with it myself and not share with any of them! Eee!
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    Oh! My Mr. Busy would so love that one! Yeah, I could be bad mommy santa to him with that one too. Great idea! ;)