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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Nov 27, 2007.

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    Everything set off difficult child tonight. No matter what I said or did it was wrong. He was angry, crying, pouting. He even smacked me on the arm out of frustration, immediately saying "I'm sorry". I think he was tired and I know his allergies were bothering him (chronic, horrible) He kept expressing his open dislike of husband, his step dad. "I hate you, d" He says it all the time. husband has been pretty emotionally remote for the better part of our marriage and difficult child feels strongly that my marrying him ruined his life. He complains that I love husband more than him, pay him more attention, etc. etc. It's not true. difficult child gets most of my attention, he demands it. But if I give one moment away he's upset and pouting.

    It's been a while since he's melted down like this. I was feeling like the Celexa was doing some good. Now I'm not so sure.

    We get new insurance in January. I have already scheduled a visit with a therapist/psychologist and a child psychiatrist. I'm ready to try a stimulant to see if it doesn't help him stay engaged in tasks. He is falling behind in school simply because he can't stay focused long enough to finish assignments or do homework for that matter.

    Sometimes I feel like my life is a Jerry Springer show gone bad. It feels so out of control. I need help and support.

    Thanks for having this place to vent. It really does help. I haven't been able to come here for a while with the pace of the night routine of come home, make dinner, homework fights, bathtime fights and then bed. I seem to be falling asleep exhausted right after he does.

    This last part is kind of off topic but if anyone has some ideas for very quick and healthful meals please message me. I'm looking for ways to make it easier at night.

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    It's just so draining, isn't it? I hope a good night's sleep will make for a better day for both of you today.
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    Sorry things are so stressful. Wish I would take my own advice..I did a few years ago and it really helped, just don't have the time now with my night schedule(work).

    When things would get bad, I would leave. I would walk, for miles. I could think, talk to myself and just clear my head.
    If he is safe with your husband, just leave. For YOU.

    My difficult child started on Concerta a few months ago after being on a mood stabalizer for three years. each month when we go back for a medication. check...until we get the correct dosage..All his teachers (he has seven)fill out a simple ten question form for me and I take it to the doctor.
    According to the teachers, he has improved very much. Stays focused, on task, less figity, less talking and walking around. He has kept himself under control.(without mood stabalizer)

    Still, he chooses not to do a lot of the work, he chooses to just put anything down on paper to get it over with and he seems happy recieving a ZERO. But he listens and does well in class and on tests. Then I get his progress report each week and there is nothing but a fight at home. I will not accept this kind of grade, and he must do his classwork/homework. But I guess if he is working hard to behave in school, he is going to release on me. (he is currently working hard on bringing up his grades).

    Find time for you. difficult child will be ok if you need a break.
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    Ugh, we've been going through the motions EXACTLY like you're describing with difficult child 1. He's driving me, well, nvts! :smile:

    We've noticed a pattern: he goes through this for every gift "receiving" holiday/occasion. Last year it started before his birthday (Mischief Night - how ironic!)(day before Halloween) and lasted until 4:00pm Christmas Day. Then he became the nicest little kid in the world until about a month before Easter.

    Apparently he was convinced that he'd been soooo horrible during the year that Santa had him "tatooed to the naughty list". Once he scored on Christmas, all was right with the world.

    Nothing like a guilty conscience to take you where you don't want to be! :rofl:

    As far as dinner ideas: I've been grilling up balsamic glazed chicken and keeping it in the freezer. On the quickie nights I make up a pot of the Wheat Penne Pasta and quick stir fry some broccoli (or some other type of veggie)with some garlic, throw in the chicken at the end and let the chicken steam in with the veggies - keeps it moist. Then I throw together one of those envelopes of Knorr/Lipton/other kind of "sauce in an envelope", pasta on the plate, veggies and chicken on top, little sauce and Voila! done. The longest part is boiling the pasta.

    I've got a couple of them, as they come to mind I'll PM them!

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    I'm sorry your night was so rough-I hope tonight is much better. Those types of nights sure are exhausting.

    As for an easy meal idea place a chuck roast in the crockpot. Cover it with two cans of reduced fat mushroom soup. 8-10 hours later pull out the meat and shred it. Serve over hamburger buns-this makes great roast beef sandwiches.
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    Good to see you back on board again with us.........but so sorry that things are so difficult. Sending cyber hugs your way - I truly know how exhausting it all can be.