Balance due for rehab

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by maril, Sep 23, 2009.

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    Today, difficult child was looking at mail he had opened with a shocked look on his face and his eyes bugging out. He handed it to me and I saw it was a statement showing how much is still owed (insurance had maxed out; facility then tried for county money but don't know if claim went/will go through) for his outpatient rehab treatment. I told him he was still on our insurance and we also take care of medical, etc., bills, that he did not have to worry about making payments (he is in high school, currently does not have a job). He told me after reading that, that the treatment was not worth it, to which I said, oh yes, it was!

    Accounting sent it to him instead of us I suppose because he is the client. It was an eye opener for him; :faint: made him think.
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    My husband has the same reaction to seeing bills from psychiatrists. Doesn't think it's worth it, but I know much better that it is! Maybe this reality check for your difficult child is good -- he'll see that nothing is free, and there are consequences to all of our choices in life.