Ballet and Family Drama Too!!!

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    We saw the Chicago Ballet production of Cinderella tonight. My mom got tickets for us. It was my mom's 1st ballet, my niece's too! (niece is 4). The group had my mom, Jessie and I, brother, exSIL and 4yo niece.

    We ended up with an extra ticket because my mom got a ticket for jessie's best friend to come with us. Friend backed out at 2:30 - for an 8pm curtain.

    I spent several hours trying to find someone to go with us. Grandpa, Tyler, husband and Wizard all declined. husband worked as an usher at graduation (for the college) so he was beat. thank you thought it was "girly" and said maybe when he was old enough for girly magazines he would see girly ballets. I wonder which child has an older brother living at home??? I thought it was a cute way to put it, and thank you CLEARLY has no idea what a "girly magazine" is, LOL!! (He told me girly magazines are all about girl stuff - "You know mom, makeup and hair and soap. All that stuff Jess and her friends like."

    I especially thought soap was an interesting addition. He is an 8yo boy, isn't he??

    No takers on the ticket from people I could reach. So we gave it away.

    My niece was just adorable in a dress with a floaty layer of tulle embroidered with flowers. She had on a white long sleeve knit shirt under it, so it looked like the long, tight sleeves I ahve been seeing on dresses lately. But MUCH more comfy and not itchy at all. Her daddy even pulled the sides of her hair back and braided them. She looked just like a princess, but in a good way, not spoiled princess way.

    I bought a spring skirt for Jess with a purple flower print, again with the floaty printed layer over a lining. We found a light purple knit shirt that was great with it, AND new white shoes - all for $10 at the thrift store today.

    The Ballet was amazing. It is just amazing the strength, flexibility and grace that the dancers have - even the guys. (And the guys looked mighty fine in the ballet tights as they danced too! :cutie_pie:)

    My niece wanted Jessie to sit with her and her parents. Our seats were in a block of 4, and then 2 seats 2 rows back from there. So Gma and I sat back, and Jess sat between my bro and his daughter.

    We really enjoyed the show, it was nice to be able to lose myself in the story and the music.

    Afterwards I invited everyone out for dessert, my treat. When we got to Applebees (by the way, they have a much smaller dessert for $1.99 - comes in 4 flavors and they were GOOD!) my niece was in tears.

    Bro came over and asked if Gma had a carseat in her car. Made Gma SWEAR that SHE would bring my niece home. ExSIL was clearly angry, and niece was in tears. Then bro walked the 2 miles back to my parents.

    Poor baby bro got his feelings hurt because his daughter wanted to sit with her cousin and her mommy. AND because she fell asleep on her mommy's lap, not his.

    So the flippin' idiot was YELLING at a 4yo in the car on the way to dessert.

    Niece told us he is mean, doesn't love her cause he is always yelling at her. ExSIL handled it beautifully - told niece that her Daddy loves her, he is just not behaving very well. Told niece that we do things with Daddy because he is Daddy. That Daddy loved her very much. Basically we kept reassuring my niece that it would be OK. She kept wanting to know if we could do ballets and movies and "stuff wtihout Daddy when we do them again".

    Jess was FUMING - she has been on the end of several of bro's tantrums herself and is very angry with him.

    We got settled over desserts, then got niece settled in the car (I was riding with my mom, so we had to go to her house to get my car).

    got to my moms. No bro. So mom left to take niece home. And bro came ROARING up in my dad's old truck. Jess and I left - no niceties for the fool, but hugs for Gpa.

    WHat kind of creep ruins his very young daughter's first ballet because she wants to sit on her mommy's lap?

    We are again back to no babysitting by my brother, for any reason. We gave him a shot at babysitting about 6 months ago, but he is always "so busy" and we don't go much of anywhere. But he will NOT be on the contact list or pick-up list next year.

    It was a very interesting evening, but i was not thrilled with the family part of the drama.

    But I highly recommend going to see a ballet if you can! It was totally absorbing, so very moving - and all without words!

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    Your bro was behaving like a spoiled brat. Good on ex-sister in law for being so even-handed about it. It's good that she's in touch with you all and you do stuff together. So often a family breaks up and the in-laws lose contact.

    I hope the next ballet outing is far less dramatic in the family department.

  3. Hound dog

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    I suppose it's clear why she's your ex-sister in law, isn't it? Sounds like she handled the situation in the best way possible. Bro has some serious issues going on there.

    I'm glad that despite bro's drama you all had a great time at the ballet.

    Maybe neice has the right idea. If bro can't behave properly maybe it would be best not to invite him along. (I know, that'd probably start a whole new drama. :dissapointed: )

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    Ballerinas are the real bad girls of the athletic world -

    WHo else do you know that can lift 98 lbs. with her toes?

    Sorry about the drama - poor baby - glad your mom is finally seeing it for what it is.

    And your x sister in law? Send her my love - seriously - I was married to someone like that. :devil2:
  5. Andy

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    There needs to be a law about how long you get to enjoy a wonderful time before it being shattered by bad behavior.

    So sorry your wonderful time at the ballot ended long before it should have. And by an adult's behaviour - a lot harder to understand. :(
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    Glad you had such a good time with the ballet. I've never been but would love to!

    As for bro.........poor thing. If he's this jealous and messed up over blood relatives, he's REALLY going to be up a creek and freaked when his little girl starts getting calls and visits from boys. I hope he straightens out long before then, though.