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    So I posted to your thread regarding Teacher Appreciation Week and said
    how our district hadn't mentioned anything this year during the normal
    week it usually happens. I was wrong.:dissapointed2: Well apparently they have moved
    it to next week (the week we are having EOG - end of grade testing for
    3-5) and sent home the flyer today. This is what the flyer has on it
    (so you can see for yourself):

    May 12 - Hugs & Kisses Monday!

    * The PTA will supply the Kisses _ Kids supply the hugs!

    * Give your teacher (specials teachers too!) a big hug!

    * (k-2) Draw a picture or (3-5) write an essay: "Why my teacher is the
    BEST" & place in the box in the foyer for a daily drawing of prizes!
    Don't forget to include your name & your teacher's name.

    * Bring prepackaged snacks for your teacher to enjoy or place in the
    cafeteria lounge for all staff to enjoy the week!

    * Parent: Ask your teacher if you can volunteer, decorate his/her door,
    read to kids, or help in the library this week.

    May 13 - Tootsie Two for Tuesday

    * Kids, do TWO terrific things for our teachers! Be creative!

    * Don't forget to write your essay: "Why my teacher is the BEST" &
    place in the box in the foyer for a daily drawing of prizes!

    * Parents: Please write a letter of commendation & place in box so
    your teacher will ahve a better chance of winning a daily prize!

    * Teachers & staff, enjoy your relaxing massages!

    May 14 - Wild & Wacky Wednesday

    School Spirit, School Supplies & All Staff Appreciated

    * Show your school spirit by wearing your *school name* spirit wear!

    * Bring school supplies to replenish reams of paper &/or glu sticks!

    * Don't forget your essay: "Why my teacher is the BEST"

    * Tell cafeteria workers, bus drivers, office staff & custodians
    how much you appreciate them by giving them a "high 5",
    handshake, hug!

    May 15 - Terrific Thursday - Outta This World!

    * Bring breakfast for staff from 8-11a. If you cannot bring breakfast,
    please bring a healthy snack and place in the cafeteria lounge for
    all staff to enjoy!

    * Bring school supplies to replenish Kleenex &/ or scissors

    * Don't forget your essay: "Why my teacher is the BEST"

    * Parents: Ask your teacher if you can help by volunteering soon.

    May 16 - Friendly Flowery Friday

    * Bring in ONE flower so your teacher can make a special bouquet!

    * Show your school spirit by wearing bright colors!

    * Bring school supplies to replenish pens &/or pencils

    * "Why my teacher is the BEST" given to teacher & daily drawing!

    * Parents: letters of commendation given to teachers to enjoy forever!

    * Kids- the PTA will be giving your teacher certificates of appreciation
    for you to sign! Smile if you take pictures today!
    Last week a flyer came home asking for every family/child to donate $3 so that they can feed the entire staff lunch during the administering of the EOG's all week. What I don't get too is that all these request for supplies. In the beginning of the school year each child is given a supply list that they "have" to get (a general one for each grade - then the teacher tailors it, sometimes then decides after you've bought things that she is not using them to need other/more materials for her needs). This usually costs upwards of $200 per child and if you are really lucky you can find some of it at the dollar store (but sometimes the quality causes it not to last too).

    Now add to this that each month the teacher sends home a newsletter at the end of the month telling you what your child worked on during the month and what they will be working on the following month with, yup, a list of her "needs" on it which is these same supplies you had to get per child ( and yes paper is one of them as well as scissors). Very often you will get a weekly newsletter too requesting these same needs even more. Sometimes they will list even more things that are "pricey" items that are not normal school items your child would use too often but a teacher would.

    I get that we need to supply things but this seems to be excessive? :confused:Especially in these times. Add in that this district does field trips to the tune of 3-4 per year at the average cost of $22-30+ per child (5th graders go on one that is $65!):faint:

    It's really scary. I don't recall my mother ever having to buy me all this stuff for school. I also never had to buy all this stuff for the kids before we moved down here either from the other state, nor did they take field trips that cost so much. $5-10 was about it and only 1, 2 field trips if they were lucky in a year!

    The "quality" of the school isn't better so I can't chalk it up to that at all. In fact I'd say it's worse in most areas (with the exception of getting an IEP quickly and without a fight - even if not implemented right). Not good enough.

    And they are predicting gas is going to rise to $6 a gallon????? :holymoly:How the heck are we all going to live??
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    I love these activities (except the gathering of school supplies - too late in the year to need an all out collection).

    My small school pays for the 4 teachers to go out to eat on an extended lunch hour. Parents watch the kids from 11:30 - 1:00. This year I bought those huge trifold poster boards. I prepainted, "Mrs. _______ is Awesome" on each one. After lunch (12:00) we split the kids into classrooms. They loved decorating their teacher's poster. For the pre-K and Kindergarten connect, I took each child to the lunch room as they arrived to school and had them decorate their teacher's sign.

    I am going to remember these other activities (draw a picture, write an essay, snacks for teacher, daily prize, recognize other support staff) and implement some next year.

    As for school supplies, on the last day, students turn in their extras to send to a missionary school.

    Our 5th & 6th grade class sell candy bars to raise money for their year end field trip (my son sold about 325 bars at $1.25 each - he loved selling!).

    Thank you for sharing!
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    This year they are doing a lot more interactive things and not so much of things that cost money (although you can clearly see they are still doing some of that too). The ideas are good, yes.

    My point is about supplies is that there is so much constantly being brought in that I can't see why/how they keep needing so much (and there really is a lot being brought in that I've seen).
  4. I found this for my son's teachers: I hoped they enjoyed it!

    My son said that they said "WOW". He's only five so I am not dure they liked it; but I just wanted them to know that we appreciate them but also didn't want to go over the top. We had to give money earlier the week before for a collaborative gift so I felt this was enough. I hope so!!

    I usually just buy Starbucks gift cards!

    My son is still in pre-k. I guess next year I will experience some of these supply hungry teachers!! Ugh!
  5. I meant not "sure".
  6. Christy

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    Is this a public school? If so, there should be a limit on the amount of supplies or $$ a child is asked to provide. Also in my state (Maryland) the school suppy list is a list of suggested supplies, it is not required that you provide them. The school must do so if it is needed and you don't provide it. Also, a child cannot be excluded from a field trip or school activity because he did not bring in the money requested. The amount you seem to be asked to provide seems excessive, I would bring it to the attention of the school board to see if the school is within the guidlelines. If your child attends a private school, then they may be able to nickle and dime you (or in this day, dollar you) to death.
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    I'm sorry but it doesn't seem right to me. I have had my kids write a note at the end of the year to special teachers that have gone above and beyond. Teachers have a great impact on our kids but they do get paid, where is gas station attendant appreciation week? Where does it end?
  8. I do agree that the expectation is there and it should not be. Especially the letters are being sent out to each parent and I am sure it puts pressure (financially) on some families.
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    It almost seems to me as though the children are being asked to restock the school's stationery supplies. If they are being asked to bring in things like Kleenex, and pricey items that teachers use but children don't, and they are being asked to do this every month (and sometimes every week) then something just doesn't smell right about it.

    Very strange.