Beauty and the Beast... Belle Update


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Belle has been out for nearly three months now... Living with biogma, and her current boyfriend...

For the most part, the kid has completely cleaned up her act. I'm about 99% sure she is clean. She is a JOY to spend time with! Even Pat has told me he isn't afraid of her anymore.

She absolutely adores Rose, and is fantastic with her, including telling her no when necessary (and since Rose is almost 31 months, it's necessary a LOT).

The last few days, she has been detailing my car for me so I can sell it (got a new one 2 months ago). I'm paying her... And it looks like I may have to give her more than I originally guessed, because she is doing such a wonderful job.

She also has been working on mending the rift she helped cause between Pat and biogma. It's lovely to see...

She is trying hard to find a job, but it is really hard with her record. She acknowledges it is her own doing... In fact she's completely honest about it. Such a change.

Now for the iffy stuff... Which isn't all that bad, really. She's off her medications... But I wonder how much of the past was drugs. She was honest about it, though. She also has said she wants to talk to the psychiatrist about maybe a different medication, because the one she is on (Invega) makes her feel weird. Fair enough.

Her boyfriend was a guy she dated when she was living with foster mom, in 2011. That bothered me at first. Now... Well, I think she could do better, but the guy she WAS seeing (who is still in prison) was completely awful. I could live with her being with the current guy. He's reasonably intelligent, works his rear off, and is GREAT with Pat - which is huge for me.

She's a bit of a flake... But I think that's fine, too. I'd rather have a beautiful biscuit than a strung out yo-yo.


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That is a great update. The boyfriend doesn't sound half bad, lots of good things there. I hope she finds a job and continues on this path.

I wish my daughter's boyfriend was a hard worker but instead he is an alcoholic who earns very little and has no drivers license due to dui's and fines he hasn't paid in many years. I know she could do better but I am tired of worrying about it.

I gotta say my daughter also went off all medications and is doing fine without them.