Bedtime rules in summer?



Does anyone have strict bedtime rules when there is no school?
Just checking around because difficult child seems to think he can stay up all night on the computer, playing games and watching movies. He says everyone does. He is not one who sleeps in. ususally up before 10am. He often waits until afternoon for friends to wake up. That irritates him. I think he is trying to stay up so he can sleep in, but he just doesn't sleep late.
husband and I do not allow him up all night. When he has sleep overs we shut them down about 1am. They can watch TV while they are laying down. Needless to say, he would rather sleep somewhere else. The nights I work, I think he stays up much later since husband goes to bed about 11. I often talk to him online at 1 or 2am.
He says all his friends are online.
Second question. I use to be able to get into the history of AIM. I use to see the date and be able to read the conversation. I cannot remember how I did that. Anyone know?


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #990000"> gamers are notorious night owls. kids message boards ~~~ such as gaia ~~~ are as well. teens sleep rhythms seem to shift about this age....tho it usually includes sleeping later in the a.m.

in summer i didn't fuss too much, but i did set a wake up time of no later than noon. two weeks before school was set to start i'd cycle them back to a more school appropriate sleep cycle.

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We attempt to keep a fairly regular bedtime, but difficult child participates in the extended school year program, so in a few weeks, he will be getting up for the bus for that, so it's almost necessary. We fudge it a bit - they are allowed to stay up about 30 minutes later than usual and get up a bit later in the morning on days they don't have to get up for anything in particular.

Also, I work full time and no matter what else is going on, I'm still up at 5:30 - 6:00 each day - and when Momma doesn't get her zzzz's everybody pays for it!! lol

It's funny because each summer, one of the kids' friends has come to see if they can come out and play and my kids are already showered and down for the night. Eek. My poor munchkins!! Surprised one of them hasn't accused me of child abuse for it!! :rofl:


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difficult child is not allowed on the computer when we are sleeping, that's just like letting them have a computer in their own room and that's not a good idea. There is too much trouble she can get into on the computer in the wee hours of the morning. I also had to be concerned about sneaking out in the middle of the night. If they aren't on the computer all night it's harder to make those kind of plans.

I don't care how long she stays up watching tv in her room. As long as she gets up at a reasonable hour and does what she has to do during the day. She usually falls asleep by 12 or 1. When she has a sleep over with her girlfriend's they stay up til 2-3. As long as they are quiet I don't care.



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We keep strict bedtimes, although later in summer. Quiet time (in room, quiet, but lights/video games/stereo can be on) at 8:30, lights out at 9:00. They do have camp in the mornings so they have to be up and moving by 7:30. But I'm also a big believer in the need for kids to have a good sleep routine and get at least 8 hours of sleep. Call me old fashioned. :wink:

If they have a sleepover, we pretty much let them stay up as long as they want as long as they're quiet.

Jamie - I'm chuckling here - thought for sure we were the only parents in the world who don't let their kids go out at 7:00 p.m. to play, LOL. The bath stuff starts about 6:30 around here because both of the younger two are notorious for taking long baths!


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We are rather lax. Sometimes it depends on if husband stays up late. They stay up with him. If he goes to bed early, then we make them get ready for bed, but they can watch TV in bed. If the kids had to get up early in the morning, we would have to have a better schedule.


I'm in the Mean Old Mom school. Bedtime rules are the same year around; teeth brushed, in the bedroom by 9pm. They can read, listen to music, play quietly but need to be in bed with lights out by 10:30. They are up by 7am during the week so they need a reasonable amount of sleep. Sleeping in at our house means you get up ~ 7:30-8 instead of 5:30-6. Oh, well.



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Totally lax here.....easy child stay up all night, sleep all day. They're only young once. What's the harm???-Alyssa


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Totally lax here.....easy child stay up all night, sleep all day. They're only young once. What's the harm???-Alyssa


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When I was working and had day care concerns, we had to have the same bedtime rules because my schedule hadn't changed and he still had to be dropped off, etc.

When I was working for the school district and was off on the summers like Rob was, he could stay up later as long as he didn't sleep all day. I still had things that needed to be done and he couldn't be trusted alone and I didn't want to wait all day for him to wake he had to be up by 10 if I had things to do, and 11 if it was a *regular* day.

Like Kris, a couple of weeks before school started again his old bedtimes were back in force.


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Put me in the mean mom category. In room by 8:30 - asleep by 10:00 at the latest. In the meantime, kt can do as she likes.

kt's sleep patterns can get skewed so quickly & it really affects her moods/behaviors.

I know wm has the same routine in group home.


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Maybe I was lucky but my boys were so tired at night it didnt seem to matter what time I set as a bedtime, they were asleep by 9 or 10 even as teens.

When they were really little they were in bed at 7:30 summer or winter. When they hit school age they got a half hour added in the school months and an hour in the summer. I had everyone in their rooms by no later than 8:30 until they hit about 12.


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How I hated DST when the boys (and when the lst generation kids)
were young. I'd have them in their jammies and chillin' before
bedtime and neighborhood kids would be playing kickball out in
the street and yelling in childish glee. Of course, my kids
wanted to know "why?". My only answer was "because I am the Mom"

We never allow phone calls after 9 PM and no computer when the
adults aren't about SO...most of the time both generations of kids fell assleep pretty early. Sleepovers, of course, were a
whole different story.

Now?? OMG, now my husband and I are too old to stay awake on work nights past 9 or 10. I have to say a prayer that the Lord is
watching over the boys cause I'm snorin'. LOL DDD