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    Hi! I don't know who remembers me. DS did really well with the behavior therapist. She got him to stop soiling. Yay!

    To continue further on the uber picky eating she wanted him further tested so we got a second opinion. I never was happy with the Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) not otherwise specified. Anyway the 2nd shrink says anxiety disorder. I always said it was the fear, not the eating that was the problem.

    Not sure how to proceed from here. I want him tested for sensory problems too.

    Thanks y'all you've been such a support/souce of info in these troubling times.
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    glad to have you back with us. Good for you for insisting on a second opinion!

    I'm sure that now that anxiety disorder has been diagnosis'd, a treatment plan will be put in place by the doctor to help alveviate/work with the eating issues. One of our moderators has a daughter that experienced eating issues. I can't remember what the diagnosis's was, but hopefully she will see this post and can offer you some personal experience information.

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    I'm the moderator whose daughter (aka M in my signature line below) had severe eating issues at age 8. Her diagnosis is anxiety with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) tendencies, and we now know that she has a mood disorder component to her illness. She also has sensory issues around food, but everything is so much better now that she's on the right medications.

    What behaviors and symptoms around food are you seeing in your difficult child? Is he currently taking any medications?
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    No medications. He's really terrified to try new foods so he exists on a small fixed set of whitish foods. He's growing and doing okay cognitively but I can see it being a problem down the road.

    I really would like him to stay with first therapist who has already helped him but she's strictly for food issues. The second agency we've just been to is more general but has a broad spectrum team.

    smallworld-I love the names of your guinea pigs. :D
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    Interesting. I have one daughter with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and I have thought my other daughter's extreme pickiness was OCDish. I have never had a therapist buy into this idea, though.

    My daughter with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is doing Exposure Response Prevention therapy where she exposes herself to her fear and then deals with the anxiety. I have thought this would work with difficult child 1 if I could get her to sit and try a lot of different foods. She would be anxious but would see that even if they were terrible, she could cope with it.

    At 13, my daughter is expanding her food selection a little bit from peer pressure when they go out. So there is hope even for the super picky!