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    I haven't been on here in quite awhile now. Just thought I would give an update for any who may remember. It's been quite a ride!

    My youngest son, O, was diagnosed with- Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)- not otherwise specified in July. I was pretty sure this is the diagnosis he would receive, from everything I've learned and read about Autism throughout the years. So, I saw it coming... even when others didn't, aka some family and friends. On one hand, I was glad we could get a diagnosis, yet for some reason it still made me a bit sad at first. On some level, I think I was kind of hoping that I was wrong.

    Right now I'm working on getting a disability determination for him, which is required to get his name on the autism waiver waiting list for our state. When his name comes up, he will be able to receive intensive in- home therapy. Just received a letter from the county stating his application was denied, but also said that we needed to provide proof of diagnosis, and get that in by the end of next week. I will call the worker on Tuesday to clarify what info she still needs from us. I'm assuming his diagnosis report will be sufficient?

    There's also something I've been wondering about. O's diagnosis of Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)- not otherwise specified, has the number 299.90 behind it. Does anyone know what the number means????
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    It is VERY good that you have the code. Insurance may require it in order to get various services. I have health problems and without that numeric code I cannot even get a prescription filled or a doctor visit scheduled and authorized.

    Keep that number handy. You may never be asked for it directly but if things are denied or questioned you will be glad you have it.

    It is a bit sad when our kiddos are formally diagnosis'd. But in today's world an autism spectrum diagnosis is a hopeful thing! It gives you some guidelines and it is NOT the vegetable sentence it used to be.
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    Thank you both for your responses:D I had no idea what that number was for, and that it was so important!

    Happy Labor Day everyone!