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    hello it has been 2 yrs since i've been on. son was doing well in ei program at school and was about to be transitioned back to gen ed end of last yr. had a rough last 2 wks of school and this yr has been brought totally back into ei program.

    ds is 9 yrs old 4th grade and has a twin sister. my husband has had to go out of state to work. think this is small part of current problem but ds had problem before he left.

    has escalated so that he is in seculsion often and refuses to do any work. perfection and anxiety about work is stopping for attempting school work so he melts down. has hurt staff and other kids.

    cops involved 3 times this yr and after 2nd er trip ds was admitted to a child psychiatric facilty on monday. current psychiatric sees mood dis not otherwise specified and high functioning on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). recent school MET sees no Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) or sensory issues and points out that my krugs shows aspergers signs, teachers krug results shows him normal.

    facility doctor see only adhd and told me doesn't care about sensory. ds currently on trileptal and zoloft fac doctor putting him on risperdal and vyvanase. he will be there at least until monday.

    we have iep on weds. wraparound therapist is willing to go to bat to see sensory address but both Occupational Therapist (OT) and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) specialist don't recommend sensory. been round and round with-school for yrs about this and the fact that a 20 min observation for a issue that comes and goes doesn't cut it.

    school staff says it is about ds wanting what he wants and being defiant. i say lets address the anxiety about the school work. most violent outburst in last 3 mths have to do with-school.

    ok that is my condensed story. as you all know there is always much more. just would like some insight and maybe some input on the new medications.

    thanks to all who read and respond.
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    Two things jump out at me:

    First, you need to get your medical team to agree on what's going on with your son so the right medications can be prescribed. As you may know, certain medications can make mood disorders worse.

    Second, it sounds as if you need an advocate to help you with the school issues. You might want to check these websites to locate one in your area: (click on state/local)

    Good luck.
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    Sure sounds like you need help. Those sources smallworld posted are excellent.

    You also might consider a private Occupational Therapist (OT) evaluation to get some idea of what the sensory issues are. You may be able to treat them at home, or with easy changes at school. For my kids getting the sensory issues worked out was crucial and made a big difference.

    Be sure to take care of yourself.
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    I don't have advice but wanted to welcome you back!