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    Daughter has started to repay what she stole from me. $50.00. She said she would pay more after they went grocery shopping and I haven't seen her since. My husband doesn't want her to come around at all. He has said if she shows up at a family function, he will leave. He doesn't want her visiting other than to drop off granddaughter. Do I tell her what he has said? Or do I just hope that he changes his mind? I love my daughter unconditionally, but am so hurt by her actions. I keep thinking, if a dear friend lied & stole from me, I wouldn't want them in my life anymore.
    She has been on her medication for almost a week now. She said she feels "happier". But I still don't think that it will help her actions. Does Depression cause a person to lie & steal? I don't think so.
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    I believe there are at least three answers to that...
    1) if ALL there is at work is primary depression, then no... those behaviours would not be part of the picture.

    2) If, however, there has been primary depression for some time, and the person ends up self-medicating with street drugs (and this does happen)... the resulting drug problem can cause the behaviors. If this is the case, there needs to be treatment for both the depression and the drug problems.

    3) Or... there can be other things going on that have never been caught - undiagnosed problems of various sorts. By not being caught and handled appropriately, these can lead to depression... These underlying missed dxes, though, could be tied to such behaviors.

    The depression may just be a 'red flag".