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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by AmericanGirl, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. AmericanGirl

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    Haven't heard from difficult child. Figured he would call to have me bring clothes.

    Checked bank website. He had $2 in his account and has withdraw $400. $200 in fees.

    Bank told me I was owner - no way - I am user just so I can transfer money. Finally got card reported as stolen so fool can't try this again.

    This explains why the stupid pals stopped calling his phone last night. He bought new one.

    Going to bank Monday morning.
  2. Nancy

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    I had a banking problem with difficult child also. She had a student account and I was a signer on the account. She started overdrawing the account and put over $600 on the debit card in two weeks even though I begged them not to give her one. When she moved out she went to the bank and tried to remove my name from the account but couldn't do it because I had to do that. So I went up to the bank and closed the account since I was joint holder. I wanted to make sure there was no way they could take any money out of my account to pay off her overdrafts. And besides I knew all the banking personnel at the branch and didn't want her to embarrass me any more than she had.

    Just like my difficult child, take his last penny to buy a phone. Sigh!
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  4. AmericanGirl

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    Isn't it strange - it's like they have some secret rule book for difficult children which they follow.

    Mine has a new FB account.

    He called a minute ago. I asked if this was his new number - why of course not, tis his friend's phone. Yeah right.

    He said it was his problem about the bank and he would repay the money. He wanted to come here and get clothes. Duhhh, what does trespass warning mean? I think he truly believes this will blow over.

    I said I had packed some things and would meet him. Walgreens. Ok. He wants to meet on back side. No way. In front, by Redbox. He actually drove by and motioned for me to follow him around back. Are you kidding me? I pointed here and he finally came and parked. He griped but got his stuff. All I said was I love you.

    Had pepper spray on my key chain. Texted two ppl to tell them where I was going. Put my purse far away in the back seat. Ran my iphone camera the whole time so I also have a video of the car with the tag number which he borrowed.

    He scares me. His friends scare me. Desperate people do stupid things.

    I miss my son. The sweet, kind one.
  5. Nancy

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    AG I still remember the days when I was afraid of my difficult child and her friends. There were times I told people where I was going in case I didn't come back. I changed the garage door code and never left the doors open ever. I looked all around before I got in or out of my car. I told a couple trusted people if husband and I were killed who to suspect. One of difficult child's drug friends actually told her that if we were found dead he did it.

    We just had a couple who were killed in their home by their difficult child daughter's boyfriend. I didn't put anything past her.
    I am glad you are taking appropriate precautions.
  6. AmericanGirl

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    Oh Nancy, that's awful. Bless their souls.

    *i think people can be like changed animals when they have nothing to lose and no where to go. :(
  7. Signorina

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    AG, just another been there done that too. When difficult child left, it was after he scammed me into cashing out the childhood, parent funded savings account we started the week his was born. He managed to fake us out until the checks I wrote to pay off his overdrawn accounts had cleared...

    and when he paced frenetically, hating us for no reason, fist balled, pupils dilated, dead look in his eyes, insisting he was leaving with just a backpack & wearing a black hoodie at 1:00 am during an ice storm, I found it in myself to ask him to stay until morning. And -at 1am- I took every knife out of my kitchen, switched out our bedroom doorknob for a lockset, and gripped a rosary as I laid in bed. H and I didn't sleep -we had one eye on the door all night. I was terrified. The memory alone is terrifying. I was cold with fear.

    Worst night of my life and completely unfathomable. Being afraid of your beloved child is a special H3LL. The worst feeling in the world.

    I am so sorry. And I get it, and I care. You are not alone.
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    Ugh. I'm on difficult child 1's student checking account too. This is a lesson for me as I have to get myself off of that account. She hasn't overdrawn it yet-but she's being totally irresponsible and just a brat in general.

    Sorry this is such a scary experience for you. ((hugs))