Beggars Nite and whewww boy am I glad I'm at home!

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  1. Hound dog

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    Nichole and Aubrey came down from dayton. Aubrey will hand out candy up there for dayton's beggar nite.

    OMG all the commotion in the kitchen getting 4 kids ready (2 difficult children) was well........OMG:surprise:

    Aubrey's face had to be painted like a leopard because she's afraid of her mask. Kayla's face had to be painted like a dead cheerleader. Alex's face had to be painted as a vampire. And Evan had to had his face painted yellow for sponge bob just cuz the other kids did. lol

    easy child and sister in law showed up in the middle of the chaos. She'd picked up hours last night and worked 3rd shift....which leaves her cranky........which caused her to fight with sister in law.......which I guess they settled before arriving......I think.:tongue: Darrin, Brandon and Connor were adorable in their costumes and thank goodness their faces didn't need painted. lol We had Iron man, a monkey and a pumpkin. And of course this only added to the chaos.

    During all this we had katie's husband pouting because katie refused to buy him a costume. (seriously?) And at one point he snuck off to apply scary makeup to his face..........he already dresses weird. lol Well, katie told him to stay away from Brandon as Kayla and Alex's costumes were already scaring him. So the jerk deliberately walked into the livingroom where Brandon was and stood there until he made sure Brandon saw him.:mad::mad: easy child came very close to decking him.

    So..........Now easy child is enraged. Katie has been ready to strangle her husband for the past 2 hrs (trust me you don't want details of all the stupid crud he was doing).......6 excited kids........have gone out to trick or treat.:tongue::whiteflag:

    I am sooooooooooooo glad I elected to stay home this year. :rofl:

    I hope they can hold it together for the kids sake. They deserve to enjoy their first halloween together.

    But honestly.......I think I'll understand if easy child loses it and sister in law backs her up, and Nichole jumps in for good measure......and Katie slices her husband's throat.:devil:

    I'll post pics as soon as I darn camera batteries died before I could get ones of darrin and conner. ugh
  2. Mattsmom277

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    Sounds hectic lol. Hope the kids have a ton of fun.

    How come you all have trick or treating tonight? I've never heard of it any night other than the 31st.
  3. Hound dog

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    The theory behind Beggar's nite as opposed to halloween trick or is is supposed to keep the kids "safer". Which of course is basically bull. But that's the excuse. Those who want to pull pranks simply pull it on beggars nite as well as halloween and it gives them twice the fun.

    I don't mind the beggar's nite....I'm used to it now.........but the fact that it is always on a thursday night is the dumbest idea in the world. Ok, let's allow kids to stay up trick or treating and pump them full of candy on top of their excitement so they can't sleep and send them all to school the next day. sheesh. I mean if you're going to plan it anyway, why not be logical and make it a friday or saturday.
  4. HaoZi

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    Where I live they do it on the Friday before Halloween, a mass of small town downtown activity with a lot of businesses involved doing everything from handing out candy to games at city gym and free hot dogs. Next small town up is doing theirs Saturday. I have no idea what happened to doing Halloween on the 31st.
    Hope the kids have a great time!
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  5. DammitJanet

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    We are going to a trunk or treat this year at a church parking lot on Saturday night since Halloween is on Sunday. Our city has decided that Halloween is going to be held on Saturday this year. Works for me.

    Tony and I are going with Keyana and the other kids and her momma then will bring her home to our house.
  6. bby31288

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    Well here in the New Orleans area, there was actually talk of moving Halloween trick or treating to Saturday because the Saints play on Sunday Night, and people don't want to miss the game. But they decided to move the time for trick or treating from 5-7 instead of 6-8 on the 31st.
  7. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Sound slike a very busy time. Did they manage not to kill katie's husband, or are you working on hiding the body? What a creep to go and purposely scare his child. My husband would not DARE to do that, esp so blatantly after I said not to. On stuff like that he knows that I don't mess around. I would give the kids popsicles to eat over his computer. And he knows it.

    Maybe katie needs to remember things like that. I realize they have been together a long time, but he needs to GO. He just isn't responsible. Of course he seems like the kind who would just sit on the porch for days begging to be let in because he had "no where to go". Maybe you should drive him into the country, or downtown Cincy, and leave him. You know, like a bad owner does to a stray dog.

    I am sorry. That was bad of me. Just a thought....

    I hope the kids had a great time. We trick or treat on Sunday. Poor teachers. We always had Nov 1 off for some holy day. My mother swears the holy day was invented so she couldn't send us to school the day after trick or treating!
  8. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    LMAO Susie

    Katie's husband survived............just barely. sister in law spent the evening making fun of him and outright laughing at him. He didn't scare his own was easy child's 18 month old he scared on's why she was so p*ssed.

    Kids had a wonderful time............grownups managed to hold it together for their sake. But I did notice they came home 45 mins early. :D
  9. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    My mistake. I would have been furious too. What was "mr I's so tough"'s reaction to sister in law's teasing? How long do you give it before easy child and nichole both tell him to F' off?

    I hope that Katie can ditch him, though he really seems like the kind who would just hang around acting pitiful to try to get her to take him back or to make the kids feel sorry for him. She is going to have to be very strong if she wants to turn things around for her kids, because it doesn't seem possible for her to do it with-o him.

    One thing has been nagging me. Where did katie's mom find all the $$ she sent? If she was living in a shelter, how did she get all that $$ and why didn't she use it to help herself instead of sending it to Katie? It makes me very wary of her. I can only think of a few ways that someone in a shelter who wasn't working could come up with that much $$. NONE of them are legal except for begging, and I don't think that begging would get that much $$. How long before you learn that someone is "after" katie's mom, or has hurt her badly, to get that $$ back? Or you find that she is in jail or the hospital from whatever she did to get the $$?

    I hope that you NEVER agree to hold $$ for katie. If her husband EVER suspects that you have held $$ for her he will never leave you alone again but will forever pester you more than he already does. Has katie already gone through all the $$ on things like costumes, soda, and movies? If she goes through it before the 4 weeks are up (you said she only paid for 1 week motel rent when she should have paid for 4 weeks up front), I hope you do NOT let the adults stay at your home. Not at first. Esp not with the way they were calling you to ask for rides and stopped helping out as soon as they had a few dollars. I hate what the kids go through, but if you rescue the kids it will just make things worse. For you it will destroy your situation as you just don't have the $$, and for the kids it will let their parents be even more irresponsible.

    I just hope that they don't turn to something illegal. The kids don't need that and you don't need the grief.
  10. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Valid questions Susie........and I've figured out a few things since they've been here, along with added info from the grands. And they sure do provide info. lol

    I'd been wondering how they'd paid for the motel they'd been living in for the past 2 yrs back in Springfield Mo (before the jump to St Louis). I knew they'd had to have run out of their welfare monthly checks, although they were still getting food stamps and insurance. I knew katie's husband wouldn't be getting unemployment as he's never held a job long enough to my knowledge. And until they went to St Louis katie had denied her Mom had been living with them. (I'd figured it out already though, I'm not that stupid and a phone slip by kayla had sealed it)

    Ok, here's the low down. Biomom had a great job with Tyson, paid well. She moved in with the kids 5 yrs ago because she's never lived alone and is absolutely terrified to live alone. (thnx to katies enabling grandpa now deceased) So, odds are she "helped" support the kids during the 1st 3 yrs she was with them. Then she got laid off from Tyson not long before katie contacted us. Unemployment kicked in. Right before the move to St Louis, her unemployment ran out. She didn't know that the govt had passed the extension. (the one husband is using now too) So she never tried to get it.

    I'm guessing since she couldn't give them money anymore katies husband was all for leaving her behind in St Louis. I'm not saying katie isn't guiltless in this.........because she also wanted to leave her Mom behind, but I think it was because she was sick of parenting her. are here about a week and biomom calls saying someone told her about the unemployment extension and she was applying for it. She had 2000.00 coming to her and it was all she was going to get. (she should've been receiving it for months) They paid her in a lump sum.

    Now I don't know how the kids convince her to send them 900 bucks, except perhaps to pay motel rent. So she wires them the 900 then starts asking about buying a ticket to come here, which is greeted with enormous NO's from everyone. They talked her into taking the rest of the money and returning to springfield to stay with a friend. But in all honesty, I think she only sent them the money hoping they'd let her come stay with them. Katie is the only family the woman has.

    And no, I won't hold money for katie. She's a big girl and if she can't out smart her husband then the situation is hopeless because he seriously is not very bright. Homer Simpson shows more promise.:tongue:

    Katie's husband ignored sister in law's snickers. lol sister in law is twice his size and would lay him out flat before he could blink without any effort, and her husband knows it.

    At the rate he's going it won't be long before one of the kids blast his ears in a major way. The only thing that has stopped them so far is that they've not wanted to ruin whatever was going on for the kids because katies kids have had so few pleasures in life. They are eating this family stuff up in a huge way. But the jerk is pushing the envelope, I believe on purpose. He's discovered we're not the pushovers katie's biomom is and now is regretting coming here.
  11. HaoZi

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    I expect if he regrets it that badly, he's free to leave the area - alone.