being a fly on the wall


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Friday my son had his first of a series of 3 evaluations done by a PHD connected to a behaviorial pediatrician. We are doing this so we can support our case with the CSE (School District) for appropriate services. The CSE will evaluate him as well but we feel a private evaluation will help us in the long run. Anyway, I got to observe this first evaluation from behind a one way mirror. WOW was that interesting! I have heard from the teachers and his shaddows how he is in class, I have attempted to homework with his as well (with great dificulty). I understood that he has difficulty focusing, but it was amazing to watch a PHD need to constantly re-direct, tell him to focus and remind him to stay on task. He preferred to attempt to change the subject by "chatting away" about things that were not relavant , he even got out of his chair to demonstrate something. She did give him a break after 45 minutes but it was hard to get him to complete the tasks during the second half. This is on 5mg of Adderal. I think it is safe to say that that dose it NOT working (we just uped it to 750). It only becomes more clear to me how desperatly he need the right classroom environment. He is currently enjoying his second grade sabatical while will find the right school for him. Easier said than done!
It can be hard to find the right school but well worth it. The educational environment can make a tremendous difference to a child. They can learn so much at the right school.