being discharged today! tmrw. day hospital/clinic starts

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Jena

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    yup she'es out! being conditionally discharged today....... meaning as long as she keeps eating at pace she has been than she'll stay out and in day clinic till we get back home!

    she's excited, i am too and a little nervous. she'll be there all day tmrw. yet tuesday she's with me all day at ronald mcdonald house.

    :) just had to share. day hospital's great they take her vitals, etc. because she's still orthostatic on and off.
  2. HaoZi

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    Here's to hoping her progress continues!
  3. Wiped Out

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    Glad to hear there is progress.
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    Wonderful news!
  5. pepperidge

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    that's great. Why will she be with you all day on Tuesday? What are you expecting in terms of her behavior? Do you think she is sleeping better on her own? You know even if the girls etc are older at least it will her some experience in a social setting with other kids. Read that you were planning to homeschool--seems like that makes sense. I guess the challenge will be when you get home to foster the appropriate degree of differentiation from you which will be a challenge if she is home all day with you. You have your work cut out--but at least you know you are up to it! good luck with day treatment.
  6. Jena

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    dr's exact words to me today were.......

    difficult child has food phobia, mixed with all her other pyschiatric and behavioral issues sprinkled with that neediness for mom's attention. very insightful doctor. we'll c how it all goes. we tested it tonight and took her out for chinese food.

    she did eat, rice with soy sauce, a little bit of chicken and wonton soup.
  7. DammitJanet

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    Im so thoroughly confused here.

    Exactly how many meals total has she eaten and when did the tube come out? If she is still have issues with her vitals, why are they discharging her? Seems like this is happening awfully fast.
  8. Jena

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    food phobia is and i'll tell you what was explained to me. cured immediately. every other child they have treated has been cured that quickly and sent home. difficult child read my last thing before this one has so many other pyschiatric issues and stuff they feel extra support is needed. usually a kid is popped on a plane and good bye food phobia doesn't return.

    sooo her body ortho's are all over the board which medically speaking from a dr. she said when the bodies healing from what she's done to it this is exactly what happens and it's actually a good sign. before we were orthostatic all day long. yet her bodies recovered at record speed. so we're still in recovery mode yet hospitalization is no longer warranted. it was warranted for two weeks.

    so, it isnt' fast we were long in there. other kids are normally not in as bad a shape as difficult child i guess because they haven't been battling it for 8 mos. anyway, tube came out because she showed no hesitation in eating or crying etc. and she completed 3 meals and ate made good attempts day prior on the rest of them.

    she just shut down on me in the dining room here due to the influx of ppl here and her social anxiety. i just made another post.

    we were discharged with strict rules as far as activity goes. she's not to walk stairs when they discharged they wheeled her down in wheelchair, no long walks, etc. been here before like last time when i got her out of princeton and was working on getting her better at home. wow how scarey looking back how scary......

    unfortunately how living here her other issues are going to hit the ceiling just as i said they would ahhh hate my crystal ball lol
  9. smallworld

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    I guess the journey of every child is different, but we didn't find that M's food phobia was cured immediately the day she started eating normally. There were times after her "cure" when she experienced anxiety and she felt tightness in her throat or inability to swallow and she wouldn't eat. In addition, with doctor's guidance, we weaned her from 7.5 mg to 2.5 mg Zyprexa a year after her acute episode and she relapsed right back into her choking phobia. We needed to increase her Zyprexa to a high level to prevent her from having to be admitted to a hospital. M remains on a low dose of Zyprexa to this day. So I do think some kids with food phobia have a rough course and do need to be watched very carefully.
  10. Jena

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    yea i remember you telling me. i think they've dealt with-kids with just pure anxiety issues. that being the basis/overall cause and also kids who just had a choking incident that brought it all on. just sharing their words from their experience here at the clinic from the treatment they use.
  11. DDD

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    Guess it's time to take the next step. I'll be eagerly awaiting your updates. I'm hoping you will be turning a corner toward full recovery. DDD