Being silent......


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This made me smile.........I thought of those of us here practicing silence with our difficult child's..........

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I like this.
I like that I am now confident enough to shut up on the phone and let my son fill the minutes of silence without me having to worry about saying the wrong thing, or the right thing, but just letting him say it all and me saying 'mmm' and 'that sounds tough/good/ok' and 'I love you, keep in touch'.
I like that in my second marriage we are at the stage when we can just shut up and be happy in each other's company.
My favourite poet is Rupert Brooke because I love his poem 'The Voice'. I just so get the sentiments in this poem. It's great.
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one day at a time
Yesterday, when difficult child was here for a few hours, helping SO with the bush and eating a pbj sandwich and checking on his car and taking a shower, I did a lot of silence.

I went to the other part of the yard and pulled weeds while he and SO were struggling with the bush that had roots all the way to China. They were talking and strategizing and working hard. It was good to hear, and they didn't need me around.

I am so grateful that I am learning the value of silence. It is a lesson long overdue for me. And I still have a long way to go. Thanks RE.