Best friends - Dog, cat, and rat

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterby, Oct 2, 2009.

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    Awwwww. That was too cute.

    I can out friend him. lol Molly has been friends with guinea pigs, birds, turtles, fish, cats, bunnies and a lizard. Hmmm. I think I've probably forgotten some. lol
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    People get so amazed at things like that but I don't understand why. Obviously it can depend on the animal's temperment but if they are raised together, they don't know anything different.

    We had a tiny kitten once that we found. I kept it in what is now difficult child's room (it was pre-difficult child) and would bring it out when we were home so I could make sure Taz didn't accidently hurt it because it was so small. He would come up and sniff her and then go about his business. I had her out one day and she and I were on this chaise chair we have. Our cat jumped up not knowing the kitten was there, saw it, hissed and took off. Taz was across the room, saw this, ran over, sniffed the kitten over to make sure she was ok and then took off after the cat to "yell" at her. After that, I didn't keep the kitten separated. Somewhere I think I have a picture of the kitten sleeping either on top of Taz or curled up against him. We eventually found the kitten a home but for the time we had her, she belonged to Taz.
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    difficult child's pet cat Kobe has fallen in love with easy child's pet rat Linus. They kiss through the cage bars. Linus has no fear of Kobe. When we bring Linus out of his cage, Kobe grooms/cleans him, licks him. Linus makes happy noises and looks around for Kobe if Kobe walks away. Kobe has taken to guarding the rat cage. He sleeps laying on the floor against it. I caught him yesterday bringing a piece of his food to the rat cage. He was trying to bring Linus treats! Too cute!

    We've watched so many youtube videos of cats, rats and dogs. They are awesome :)
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    Very cute. The guy has a great sense of life.