Best Parent Teacher Conference Ever!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by allhaileris, Oct 3, 2012.

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    The changes that have occured in my daughter's schoolwork are drastically better since starting the Tenex. We went to her parent teacher conference the other day and she's getting a C+ in math, huge improvement from a D/F that she's gotten for years. Her teacher said she's pretty much caught up to the basic grade level. This is the same girl who last year was still adding on her fingers, and now she's doing some long division. She's helpful, not annoying kids, is doing her homework, etc. She's out of the "needing help" reading class as well.

    I wish my husband would have agreed to medications a couple years ago. The difference is just amazing. And she's still herself. Now if I could only get husband on medications too :( he needs them so bad.
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    That's great news! My son has also improved tremendously since starting his new medication last year. He went from a D/F student to almost all straight A's. His dad doesn't think he needs to be on medications either. Like you, I wish I would have tried him on medications sooner rather than see him struggle the way he was. But, like they say, better late than never. Congrats!
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    I'm so happy to read this update! Congrats to Eris: she must be working very hard even with the medications. :bigsmile:
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    :happyguy::woohoo:I LOVE it when the right medications and right doses are found. That is huge and I hope you're lathering on the praise. As CB said, better late than never. Now she can see the results and I hope her self-esteem goes way up too. Thanks for sharing the GOOD NEWS!!
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    That's great news!! I'm so happy for her and for you! I hope that she continues to improve.
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    Such a great post! Congrats
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    Great news!!
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    Congratulations, Sandy! medications and school are often huge factors in moving ahead with-our gs'fg. I hope things keep moving upward.
    (I'm checking to see if my son still counts on his fingers ... )