Best place to get car tires?

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    Anyone have any great cheap suggestions???

    Figured this group is fantastic with everything else - before I go plunk down boatloads of money- (OMG have you priced these things?) ugh.

    235/75/R15 - for an SUV - it's like - WHAT are you talking about your tires are so expensive I can't even hear you? :mad::confused:
    (taken from N's doughnut escapade)
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    SUV tires cost a fortune. I recently had to replace the tires (same size) on my '02 Toyota SUV (no defects, they just wore out).

    WalMart has good tire prices especially if you have a Sam's Club nearby.

    Remember to replace all of your tires. You might, assuming it is the same brand and in good shape, be able to get away with not replacing the spare tire.

    Double check prices and add-ons very carefully. I found out that in my case despite the actual tires being cheaper at WalMart, once you added in mounting, balancing, safety checks and all the rest, it was actually cheaper to go with the dealership.

    Also, take a realistic look at your needs. You might not need the very top of the line 50K miles warranty if it is not likely you will have your tires for that long.

    Check how aggressive a tread you actually need (I live in the snowbelt and I need serious traction)

    Check speed-rating and look at your driving habits again.

    The unfortunate fact is that you are going to pay around 700 dollars for your tires.
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    Well, it pays to know the right people: my ex-husband manages a service station so I have him get my tires at cost. He even puts them on for me. He's a top-notch mechanic; just a poor husband. So I really have no knowledge about where to get them otherwise.

    But I had to tell my story: I always buy Cooper tires (not cheap but very good). The reason is that when difficult child 2 was a kid, he got burned badly. We eventually hooked up with Shriners' Hospital in Minneapolis. He had an appointment and the ex was going along. I needed new tires before the trip so he ordered them. The day before we were supposed to leave, the truck that was to deliver my new tires came in and there were no tires. We didn't know what we were going to do so ex's boss called the company in Kansas City (2 1/2 hours from where ex lives) and told them about what happened. When the people (at the Cooper Tire company) found out what the deal was and that we needed them to take our kid to Minneapolis to the Shriners' Hospital they sent out a special truck to deliver the tires and when they got there they said they figured we had enough trouble, there was no charge for the tires!!! So needless to say, I have been a loyal customer ever since.
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    Hate hate hate Walmart tires! I had to replace mine after a year of having them twice. My car is only two years old for heavens sake. My dealer tires wore out in no time which is fairly normal. I got Walmart tires to the tune of 70 bucks a tire. I could have had a heart attack. The tires for my old car were 30 bucks a They were 13 inch tires and these stupid tires on the focus are 15's.

    I just went to pepboys and they were high too. I found a local shop which is going to cost right at 230 for all 4 tires. Not too bad.

    If I had a Discount tires I would go there but we dont.

    Call around and check for lower prices than what Walmart and the name brand shops are quoting you. I wouldnt go back to Walmart again. The tires just didnt last for me.
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    Another one here recommending Discount/America's tire.

    I know that the one in my area is highly rated because of the product and the outstanding customer service.
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    We are a high mileage family. My dad drove 75 + miles to work each day (one way) for over 20 years. Then my husband did it for 4 years.

    We use Walmart tires. Never had a problem with them. If you do not get them rotated and aligned and keep them that way ANY tire will wear out. If they do not last or have a problem there are a lot of walmart and sams stores that can help you within the terms of the warranty. We have only had to use the warranty twice in all those years and each time is has been just as easy as it could be.

    If you want to have REAL problems, go for retread tires. My dad did that for about a year when he first started driving back and forth so far. My mom ended up having a fit and making him get new tires.

    There are only a few tire companies around. Often a factory will make several brands. I have known many people who worked in the factories. Walmart tires are made where several other brands are also made.
  9. SRL

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    We've had great luck with Walmart tires but we don't usually buy the lowest priced model. They stand by the warranty and you can have them serviced at any Walmart.
  10. Star*

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    The man who is NEVER good on the phone got a "trader" paper - and found a man who had bought 4 tires and used them once - they still had the little ticky things on the side - THey are Pirelli's - he was asking $200 for the set. We called Firestone - they sell them for $250 new and put on - so the guy said - (looking at our vehicle:() how about $140 cash? Done.

    They are brand new - and were driven on for about 200 miles to get this nice, well to do mans trailer from point A to point B - but the tire place sold him the wrong tires for his trailer. He said nothing else he owned could use them and no one he knew needed tires this size. He showed us paperwork and everything. It says mount on trailer - they are clearly marked on the tire for a Passenger car. He was a nice honest person. I can't believe our luck.
  11. Star*

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    OH and FYI if you do try to buy tires - used or whatever - BE VERY aware and do your homework.

    Two of the people in the paper were trying to sell tires that had been recalled. The tires were not worth anything as the recall date was long over - and the tires were known to be dangerous. Just FYI. All the information I got was off the internet so it wasn't like you couldn't do a Google search to find it. What makes me mad is someone will buy them and have a blow out and maybe harm someone else - it should not be allowed. :mad:
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    Star, I'm happy for your good fortune.
    Mutt...what a nice story about the Cooper people.

    A couple of years ago I did a post that was based on an article about tire stores selling "old" inventory that was defective from age. Don't forget to read the info on the tire to see when it was manufactured. DDD
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    D3 -

    Maybe it WAS your article that stuck in the corners of my mind that nagged me to check out the tires and do a little homework. I swear this board is a plethora of information an lifesaving help.

    Thanks - maybe I DO retain what I read. ;)
  14. GoingNorth

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    Tires have a whole string of numbers on them that display encoded info. The very last string (in brackets) will be a four number code.

    It will read something like 4203 or similar. That code means the tire was made in the 42nd week of 2003.

    When I was tire shopping for my new tires I was stunned to find tires that had been made in the NINETIES!

    You should never buy tires that are more than seven years old. Ideally they should be no more than 2 years old.

    That's another reason I went with my dealership. My new tires were less than a year old.

    Note that up until very recently this info was on the INSIDE of the tire so if you wanted to check them while mounted you had to crawl under your vehicle with a flashlight.
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    Costco is the best price around here. Call and ask, and if someone has a membership ask if they will help you out.
  16. Star*

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    Okay - this was really informational and educational and I love to learn - so.....

    There were two different sets of numbers that could have been what Going North is talking about - one is SP-121805 this is so tiny I had to get a magnifing glass to read it and then there is one stamped in an oval that is a little larger maybe 1/8th of an inch that says 1609 -be neat it were march of 09 - but we're guessing May of 2005. They've been kept in an air controlled garage - and they are brand new - and - I have no money - so it works for me.

    The last set I had put on at a local place called Discount Tire - not the chain that actually had the best Deal Flutter recommended - which with rebates would have been worth the hour drive ;) - but there is one coming here soon to Columbia, so maybe the next set. Oh but then I'll be in OHIO....:redface: (positive affirmations)
  17. GoingNorth

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    The number in the oval is the one you are looking for. Your tires were made in the 16th week of '09 so they are nice and new.

    Your seller wasn't joking about having just purchased them