Best PT Conference Ever!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Oct 12, 2010.

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    It was one of those when you hear them speak and you're like "are we talking about *my* kid here". Mr. C was talking about how when we dropped manster off the first day of school and laughed that he had him in the back row and suggested he would want to move him to the front, he was like "oh boy we're in trouble" lol. But he said he has seen NOTHING of that. Manster participates appropriately and only talks to one of his classmates on a regular basis. He went on to talk about what a great student he is and that he wishes he had more like him. Mr. C talked about what a great writer he is and that he got an A on his midterms. WOW. The only thing different this year is the Ritalin we added over the summer.

    I'm sure to some extent we're honeymooning here but what a nice moment.
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    What an awesome report-this made my day:)
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    what more can I say?

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    Wow! Good for him. Yes you are honeymooning, but before everything gets better you get ups and downs. Enjoy this up, and anticipate the next down because you know it is coming. Then when the next down come remember that it is just part of the recovery process, that in general he is improving. And good job on your part!