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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, May 6, 2009.

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    difficult child had a better morning today. He stated that he still felt horrid with things not connecting, legs feeling weird, ect. but he felt more confident. Thank you Xanax! He had complained of being tired at 7:00 am so I sent him back to bed for 1/2 hour. He rested with his eyes closed in a darkened quiet room and didn't give much fuss when I told him it was time to get up and get going.

    He had a therapist appointment today and asked that I go in with him right away. He wanted to know what I thought of different things. therapist had received and read the school questionnaire. He stated that the school was only seeing seperation anxiety in the morning and once difficult child was settled into class (IOW mom is gone) he does fine. He is learning and is a solid student. No problems socializing or academically!

    I am giving some thoughts to that and formulating questions for next week's visit regarding seperation anxiety. It is just not making complete sense to me. Wouldn't you think that would arise in other areas such as not leaving mom's side when shopping? Once at Wal-Mart, he is off on his own. He knows I am not following him. I know to find him in electronics or the toy dept (and sometimes kitchen supplies) but he has no idea how to find me if he needs me because I can be anywhere in the store. This is the same at any local store. He knows he has great days at school so why is he not wanting to go? Why is it o.k. to run around Wal-Mart not knowing where mom is and not knowing anyone there but can not make yourself go to school where you like everyone, are doing well and know how to call mom?

    therapist talked to difficult child about focusing on positive self talk in the mornings. He also tried to explain how anxiety makes your body feel pains - they are real but there is no known cause and they are not deadly.

    He was also surprised that the 48 hr EEG was scheduled out so far. He suggested that I call psychiatrist's office and ask for psychiatrist to personally call me back. I am then to let him know the EEG date. therapist stated that psychiatrist will not be happy that it is that far out and will call the neurology dept to see if he could put a rush on it - that there should be urgent spots available and if neurology knows that a doctor believes this is a priority then they will work to get him in sooner. I will make that call tomorrow.

    And the best thing? difficult child did not mention once tonight that he was dying. He felt so much better after the therapist visit. He actually hasn't fortold his impending death very often since I was short with him the other day on the way to school. I still included it on the therapist report so therapist talked to him about why he thought he was dying. difficult child still "reports" things to me but not in the whining I-can't-stand-this sort of way.

    On the way to the appointment today, something weird happened again. It was the length of a panic attack but there was no fear. All of a sudden difficult child stated, "Oh weird! What is happening?" His head and stomach were building up and all of a sudden, BOOM, something weird hit him. I told him to close his eyes and rest which he did and felt better within five minutes. No throwing up this time though and no intense fear. Does anyone know if you can have a panic attack without the fear?
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    You can have a panic attack without the fear, but it could be other things. I was having panic attack-type symptoms. After years of getting checked out, they found two things...I have a hiatal hernia which causes Gerd. This was leading to not so great feelings in my stomach. The other thing was that my adenoids are very enlarged, which is odd for an adult...but that can cause headaches and sometimes makes me weirdly dizzy.

    I am glad in general that difficult child is doing better tonight. I hope he keeps it up.:)
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    An autonomic seizure (simple-partial, usually from the temporal lobe) can cause that "weird" feeling. We thought husband was having panic attacks, but it turns out they were seizures.

    Hope you get the EEG scheduled very soon!
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    Odd that he can go to walmart or a store and leave your side but going to school is a trigger but he is fine once there. Something is odd there.

    See...I have been starting with this weird panic type thing but it is associated with going out to places like stores! I am ok with leaving in the car with my it is kinda just the opposite to your difficult child.
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    i'm glad that he had a better time, i'm also glad to hear he worked through the panic attack. I hope you are able to schedule that test sooner as well. i think you truly will feel more confident with what your dealing with if that does hopefully return as normal.

    as far as panic attacks, yes you can. a panic attack can just be a strange disconnect of sorts or just an overwhelming sense of anxiety that overcomes you, of which it can overcome you when you are also calm. the build of of the anxiety through day can hit at any time i've come to learn.

    difficult child went through this today, surprsingly. she hasnt' had one in a while now and that has been great. it sounds horrifying what i'm going to say yet i have learned that by somewhat ignoring them and putting it all on her she derives the strength to get through it. it kills me though to watch her fumble about that way, yet if i react to it even at all she continues within it. i simply have to tell her you are fine, you know you are fine now breath and i walk away. wow so hard.

    your doing great, and difficult child did self talk also alot it's what saved her alot. i told her look around check your surroundings you know your safe, than talk yourself down. she does it everyday.
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    Thank you! Today also went well. psychiatrist was not in so I had to leave a message.

    Gcvmom, I looked up that seizure and symptoms do seem to fit. His behaviors are always triggered by a "migraine" or a "panic attack" and then he is like this for a very long time. Once he settles down (like now) he can face these symptoms calmly but then BOOM, another "migraine" or "panic attack" and off we go again. hmmmmm

    difficult child states he feels the same symptoms as always but without the fear attached. He does not feel the Flouxetine is helping like last year. Docs say to give it more time. Then I remember that last year we were so focused on behaviors that we didn't really notice how long it took for the Flouxetine to take effect. This time we are focusing more on the medical symptoms - his behaviors are not an issue outside of his fears.

    I will keep you informed. I welcome any input on anxiety and seizures.

    Thank you!