Better news about Cory. closed the other thread.

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    I closed the other thread so no one else would respond thinking it was still the facts. They arent. I have better news. In fact he appeared in my room at some time in the middle of the night to tell me he was home!

    What really happened is that the job isnt going to start until next Monday and if they stayed out there they would all have to pay for their own motels until then. No one wanted to do that so they had 4 vehicles headed in different directions and Cory was the only one headed to NC so he was given one car to head that way. I think they were idiots to just send him off with no license but oh well. When he was stopped it was because he had pulled over on the side of the road to read a map to make sure he was going the right way and a trooper pulled up behind him to make sure he was okay. He wasnt pulled over for any wrong doing.

    Mandy just freaked out and then texted us freaking out. Problem was, his cell phone died which is why he couldnt even text me back. You know what is really bad, if Mandy was calling all those counties in Alabama last night she could have alerted them to be on the lookout for him and he really could have been pulled over and

    Now I really am not sure if he has to drive all the way back to Texas on Monday or not. I hope not. I also dont know if we are talking this upcoming Monday or the next Monday.

    Ugh. Oh well. I think I got an A in detachment because while I thought it was a shame, I had no interest in running down there to rescue him. My feelings were, oh well, hope he likes the accommodations in Alabama.

    What was bad was Tony said "oh well, we dont have the money to help him out." I said we shouldnt even if we did, he got into this on his own. Then I apparently stepped over a line. I said seems to me we can be more disengaged with our own son than you can be with a 54 year old lump who should actually be even more mature. I say that because the whole time we are talking about this as it comes through on the text and Im ranting in the living room, he is saying what an idiot Cory is. I turned on him and told him he could throw stones when he was doing better. LOL.
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    Well, in this point, and to quote my difficult child's favourite saying: Who cares?

    I'm sure you are just super relieved it was just a false alarm. Just that gut wrenching wait when you don't even know what has happened and if the most recent drama has much or any foundations at all, is horrible. And if Cory has to make a long trip again soon, when that is his problem.

    By the way, is there anything Cory could do to have a license back? Not having a license seems to make his life and trying to be a good citizen and honest tax payer unnecessary hard.
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    Yeah! Mandy is such a drama queen. Uggg. Tell Cory to take a bus. You'd thnk the company would get him out there like last time. I hope so anyway.
  4. scent of cedar

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    What a nerve that Buck has!!!

    I'm happy to hear Cory is doing so well. That's great!

  5. what a relief for Cory.... and way to go in setting Buck straight (guy has some nerve - and zero insight into himself, obviously).
  6. Hound dog

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    Janet, what would Cory have to do in order to get his license back? It might cost him some money, but honestly it would pay off for him in the long run by letting him drive legally thereby keeping him OUT of trouble. He has 2 little girls to think about, not just himself any more. What will Keyanna and the baby do without him? (I know they'd be cared for, that is what you need him to see though)

    Of course you can only suggest, but it might be worth a shot. Would truly stink if he lost his job and went to jail just because of driving illegally.

    Mandy is too much of a drama queen. ugh

  7. DammitJanet

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    Lisa we are going to find out about that soon. He has had so many tickets we are afraid it might be very expensive but the lawyers down her can be quite interesting in how they work the system if you know what I mean. He had a court date yesterday on two charges that were finally dropped because he had managed to continue it about 8 times and the cop never That was convenient.

    Now there is something going on in NC with the food stamp system. No one who is getting them has had them put on their EBT card this month...or at least no one we know. The job Cory had put part of his check on his bank card but was supposed to send another part as a paper check to my house. It should have been here Friday. It wasnt. Then we would have expected it Saturday but I think they arent running on Saturday anymore and it didnt show up Monday. I am betting they arent going to pay out the pay they havent paid yet. Cory is going to have to call the labor board. Of course that takes time and it doesnt help when you have bills to pay now and need food on the table now. Sigh,that job just didnt work out so well. They are supposed to call him back when they get another contract. We shall see.
  8. trinityroyal

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    Janet, I was so glad to see this thread after reading your previous one. Glad to hear it was Mandy's amateur theatricals after all. Hope that the process for Cory to get his license back isn't too onerous, and that the billing stuff gets sorted out without putting Cory in too much of a tight spot.

    And I am impressed by your detachment!
  9. DammitJanet

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    Still no check today. He is gonna have to call them and threaten to go to the labor board I think. Then he has another issue. He filed his income taxes for last year. Not expecting much but they took his state refund and applied it to some court fines he hadnt paid. It looks like it was for his court appointed lawyers fees all the way back in 06...sigh.

    Now the feds are saying he didnt file 08, 09, and 11. Uh, he didnt have to. This all has to do with that junk where his ID was stolen. I would have thought when Social Security got that fixed, it would have wiped out earnings from the IRS. I guess it didnt. I have no idea how he is gonna fix this...all before the end of this month. Thats the deadline.
  10. Hound dog

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    He needs to call social security maybe and have them speak to the IRS, send them the right paperwork to clear it up?

    I pity the idiot who ever attempts to steal my identity. Credit cards will deny them.......just about everything will deny them. LOL