Between difficult child and E, I swear...

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You would think that TOGETHER they might be able to make better decisions. Listen to this:

Nissan Rogue, 2008, 60,000+ miles, $14,000.
Traded in her dead in the grass Jeep, got $2000 for that BUT...
She still owed $3500...
Had to come up with $1500 so she borrowed $1000 from her dads sister in law that she doesn't even like. So now she owes that.
The dealer could only approve her for, coincidentally the exact cost of the car, $14,000, at a rate of, are you ready? 14.9%!!!!!!
Her total finance charge for the duration, 6 years on an already 3 year old car, is over $8000!
The total cost financed is around ....... drumroll, please.... $24,000+.

How did I find this out? Because there is something wrong with the car so I took it to my mechanic friend who said the motor mounts have hairline cracks and the transmission will most definitely fail within the next two years because it's a crappy transmission to begin with and whoever owned it before her likely didn't have the normal maintenance performed.

I asked to see her purchase agreement to see if there was any way to give it back to the dealer, but there isn't. There is, however, in our state, a lemon law for used cars. The dealer has to try and fix the problem and if they can't, we take several steps to either have another garage fix it or give it back and get a different car or get a refund. We found out that the normal transmission warranty on the Rogues was changed from 60,000 miles to 120,000 miles because they know the transmission system is garbage. They tried to fix this problem twice already. I'm going in with difficult child on Monday to see if I can't out some pressure on them to do a better job of rectifying this matter without legal action.

Clearly, difficult child was hiding the details of the purchase and financing from me because she knew I'd tell here how stupid it was. We didn't loan her any money or cosign anything DELIBERATELY because we were trying to force her into something smaller, economical and reasonably priced that she could afford. But, no, she had to have an SUV.

And you would think her 31 year old fiancé would have a bit of a handle on these kinds of things since he worked at a dealer for six years!

I'm aggravated, off to WW for weigh in!


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OMG, this sounds like my niece... She had a car for 3 years and never once changed the oil... Yes, it seized up. Sheesh.

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OMG, this sounds like my niece... She had a car for 3 years and never once changed the oil... Yes, it seized up. Sheesh.
That was husband too. He only changed the oil in his KIA because I forced him too and told him if he seized up another engine, he'd walk to work. Since he had to go clear to cincy......he changed the oil when I told him to. Speaking of which.........I need to get done myself soon. LOL But I rarely have been driving my car since gas prices went up so high.

Clearly, difficult child is going to have to learn such things the hard way. And either her soon to be hubby is a moron, or maybe he's never done a car loan. Or maybe still, she didn't consult him. Possible.

But this is why so many young people get into debt up over their eyebrows. And yes, while we're at it.........husband would've fallen for such a deal at 60. Which is why when we bought cars, I did the haggling, not husband.


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E never argues with difficult child, never tells here what to do or no. He cooks, cleans, works, everything. But her name is the one in the dotted line.


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Ohhhh, uggghhh... I don't necessarily like it when husband and I disagree, but agreeing on everything?! Oh, no... I had a boyfriend like this once... I'm now fb friends with his daughter... LOL


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Jo, I hope you are able to post this to vent and forget about it. There is not really much to gain in worrying about it. If she lets you help her out of it, great, but otherwise, they have to live and learn.

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Just went with difficult child to the dealer and told them they need to change the motor mounts and do a tune up on the transmission per MY mechanic who looked at the car last Friday. They said okay and an appointment was set for Wednesday. ugh.

Well, difficult child is an absolute mess. Sobbing crying, hormones all over the place, upset and frustrated with E because he's not taking his ex to court for name it, she's feeling it.

Me: Hon, are you still taking your prozac?
difficult child: No! Because I can't remember to take it!! I even set my phone alarm but when it goes off, I just ignore it.
Me: Listen, you are of no help to anyone if you're not healthy. You NEED to take your prozac EVERY DAY and Miralax EVERY NIGHT. Eat healthy and drink water.
difficult child: I knoooooooooooow.
Me: Okay, here is my water, take your pill now, stop crying and get back to work like a grown up.
difficult child: Now? You mean, take it now?? (as I hand her my water she's digging out the pill).

Oy. There is so much more to this stupid story but I feel like I've wasted enough of my life's precious moments venting about this kid! And yes, at 22 she can still very often be a kid in my eyes.


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Oh no!!! I totally feel your pain, it's so frustrating, I know! My own difficult child bought a new truck last year for complete top dollar, top interest and to make it worse, he told us he saved 5 grand for the down payment. Ok fine, I can understand he overpayed and I let it roll off my back. BUT, he did his taxes with our accountant and we found out that he TOOK ALL HIS RETIREMENT $ to do the downpaymnet. So, now he had to pay a large tax, I think it was 30%, plus a fee for taking it out early and....that money would have earned interest for years and been worth way more than the 5 grand at retirement. I hope he learned NEVER to touch that, he could have taken a low interest loan and made payments on it, but no. He just payed a fortune for that truck. Oh by the way, hw now wants to sell the thing and get a bigger one. Plus, he goes to court at least once a month for speeding tickets- how does someone get 5- 10 tickets at a time?????? He does though. I've had one ticket in my life. This kid could take a cab everywhere and it would be less money than he pays for all this nonsense. I'm just trying to make you feel better not hijack your thread here. What a waste of money!!!! It's very disturbing. (HUGS!) i could go on and on too about difficult child an his idiotic car bs!