Beyone livid again...Cory almost shot!!!

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    Cops do nothing...Im pasting this from an email I sent my therapist so bare with me...I will attempt to edit it so it makes sense on this board but if I miss something and say "you or told you"...just please

    I know Cory is no angel...Ok...let me start with that statement. You know I am the first to scream his problems and tell people to call the law on him if he does something wrong. Right? Am I correct?

    He was almost killed last night out on Deep Branch because of something that (pardon my french) ********* Chris is telling everyone around here! Cory was out walking up and down our driveway last night when we got back from grocery shopping and it was dark. He was talking on the phone and Bailey was following him. That ticked me off that he had let Bailey follow him so I sent Tony up to get bailey and thank god I did because in the time I got to the house and made tony go up there this guy saw Cory at the end of our driveway, stopped his car, jumped out, pulled a handgun on him, shoved it in his chest and started screaming at him about Cory breaking into his house. And just how did he know Cory did this? CHRIS TOLD HIM!!!!!

    This guy had his girlfriend or wife and baby with him too! She was chasing Cory all over the rode in the truck. Tony got up there and was trying to find out what all the screaming was about...other people had called the law, other drivers had seen it and called the law...Cory ran back here when tony got up there and wanted to grab the shotgun to go shoot the guy but we wouldnt let him. If I had known how little the cops were gonna do I may have let him!

    The cops responded...pulled the vehicle...the guy ran...they didnt even write down the tag number so we could get the guys name so Cory could press charges! No one knows the guys name other than a first name of Victor! He is a drug dealer around here...the narcotics unit knows who he is...but they dont know his last name!...Yeah right.

    Oh... Chris had told everyone that he got busted this fall for a bunch of drugs and had to pay a ton of money to get out on bail? Huge lie! I went down to the county sheriffs office today and had it out with the major in charge and told them that someone was gonna end up getting shot or killed on our road really soon because Chris is running his mouth like this and he looked him up and he hasnt been arrested in over a year!

    The cops wont do anything. They wont even bring Chris in to question him about the theft of the gun because they say...oh he wont admit it. Well how do we know he wont...he isnt the brightest bulb. Maybe if they do a little police work like on tv they can get him to confess. Like telling him that they have evidence or a tape with him talking about it! Im willing to wear my Mp3 player which records and hide! Or have tony wear it...or Cory wear it! Maybe that would be proof enough. We have the laziest cops in the world. Or the most corrupt. They will wait till someone dies. Im almost ready to tell Cory to just jump bail. Its that or he is gonna end up dead. Or someone else in my house will. That guy could have shot tony. Or someone could come to my house and shot up my house! This isnt the first time someone has come here because Chris has stolen something and implicated Cory...another guy not long ago...Dennis. Same sort of thing. Chris broke into his place...stole stuff...drugs and items...then said it was Cory. Only big difference is that in that instance Chris stored the items over in the sand lot two lots down from our place and Cory knew he had stored them there but didnt know where they came from so when Dennis came looking...Cory took him to them. Now the drugs werent there but his items were.

    Tony talked to a boy that graduated with Jamie that lives on our street that knows all these boys...Cory, Chris, Buck, the whole crowd. He isnt the type to be involved in this sort of activity but he gets to hear it all anyway since he went to school with them all. He has been hanging out with Cory lately since Cory has been trying to do better. He knows what went on since he heard it from Chris himself that Chris is the one that did the break-ins. Chris bragged about it and also bragged about how he could pin it all on Cory since everyone would believe it.

    I dont even know what to do when you cant get the law to do its job. They wont talk to Chris and explain to him that what he is doing his basically assault. He is setting in motion a homicide. Maybe the cops are all on the take. They are still doing the investigation for operation tarnished shield. You really have to wonder when you tell them about drug dealers and they dont do a thing.
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    Is there any way you guys can turn this Chris' methods around on him? I mean if people are dumb enough to believe that Cory did all of this so called stuff just based on this Chris' word, why not start your own rumor mill which would be based in proof and get this kid nailed to the wall, if not by the cops then by the people he's ripping off?

    Worth a shot anyway.

    Sending many hugs my friend. Your cops sound like ours, and that is sooooo not a good thing.
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    Well...the drug dealer that Chris sold the gun to and then found out that the gun was really Tonys now knows the truth. Of course, Chris told him that Cory stole it and gave it to him to sell but I was with Cory that entire day and know it didnt happen plus that is the gun Jamie gave his dad and Cory knows better than to steal that gun...the other gun...well Cory has pawned it but always to a real pawn shop that he could get it back. Cory knows Jamie would KILL him.

    I am going to go a bit undercover and start going over the local guys heads...Im gonna call the state and feds. Im gonna call the SBI and the DEA. I will anonymously tell them that I know that drug deals are going down at X's house or that I see whatever going on.
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    OK - I'm confused.

    Who is Chris? I assume a 'friend' of Cory's? Who is Bailey?

    And an individual (named Victor) pulls up to your home - and pulls a gun on your son. And the wife proceeds to chase him around with her vehicle? Victor is mad because Chris told him that Cory had broken into his house?

    The cops came - and are refusing to do anything?

    Is that the gist?

    Doesn't Cory have the right to press charges? I mean it wouldn't take Columbo to run the plate and talk to 'the wife'.

    If the cops refuse to do anything call your Attorney General or contact the FBI to report the negligence of your sheriff department.

    How very scary for you - your hubby and Cory.
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    Sadly, I think part of the problem may be the simple fact that the cops don't care what these kids do to each other. To them, it is a matter of getting a "bad egg" off the streets and if they can get two for one, all the better. It really isn't all that uncommon for the local force to look the other way as much as possible when two kids who are continually in trouble try to find their own solutions. If that means one kid is dead and the other in jail, too bad, so sad. It's another thing if it is gang activity but not two local yokels. I know this isn't what you want to hear but it is the way in many small towns.

    Unless these guys are into big drug deals, the odds are the DEA or any federal agency really won't want to be involved. You might have better luck with the State police. If you plan to do it anonymously, be sure you use a pay phone. Anything is pretty much traceable today.

    Can you call Cory's PO and let the PO know what is going on? Maybe they'll give permission for him to move out of town for his own protection. Maybe to his brother or another friend of relative? At least until things die down and Chris finds another fall guy.

    I know this is frightening and you have my deepest sympathy. It really is a shame the messes our kids get into and, worse yet, that they end up involving us in.
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    Ok...sorry...need a cast of

    I live in a fairly large rural county.

    Large by area size...small population.

    We are broken up into county, city jurisdictions...with a few towns thrown in for good measure.

    Ok...where I live used to be a huge piece of family land that belonged to someone in my husband's family years ago. Back then there were two main families. The Hunts and Sampsons and they merged and all this land was parceled off to children and grandchildren as they married and so forth. Of course, this was years and years ago.

    Right now, we live on 8 acres of family land that was left to husband's mom from her dad. Yada yada. Kitty corner to us, across a field from us, lives Chris and his mother and father. In between us is husband's grandmothers land (now his nieces land), and Tonys great aunts land. There is probably about 8 to 10 acres separating our property.

    Chris grew up with my boys. He is 22 so he is right between Cory and Jamie. Cory is 21 and Jamie is 23.

    Bailey is my

    Cory has always been convinced that Chris was his "friend" and that "friends" dont rat on each other and all that other good horse pucky. I guess he may be learning something. In all these arrests Cory has had Chris has been involved and Cory hasnt said a the stripping of the house! Not a word. I would have told them in a NY minute...not was Chris! Wonder if he will call his lawyer now and say it? I would...

    We cant run the plates on the car because the cops didnt write down the tags when they stopped the car. I cant get back to the property to see the truck because they have a gate up and the property is also back off the road. However I do plan on getting the mans name through a bit of detective work...Im gonna go through the mailboxes at the top of the road. Illegal...oh well. Cops dont do anything around here as we can see. Cop basically told me to figure out my own ways of getting his name but that he couldnt tell me how to do it!

    Once we get his name Cory can press charges but it is only a misdemeanor of pointing a weapon at someone! They dont consider it a threat to do bodily harm. This place is absurd.

    Hello...Cory tapped a cop on the shoulder to say hello and they tried to get him for assault but someone shoves a gun in his face and nothing is done!

    Im telling you...when they call me to court...Im gonna forget everything that I know. Im gonna have such a case of amnesia it isnt funny. My memory is so bad these days you know? I just cant remember a thing anymore. After all...seems to me I think it was Chris who came in and stole my checks now that I think about it!

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    Thanks for the clarifications.

    Sounds like a modern day Hatfields and McCoys. *geesh*

    Could Cory (casually) ask Chris about Victor? Like his name and SS#? LOL.

    What a rotten situation.
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    The cops don't care. They're allowing this to escalate. What kind of shoddy police force doesn't even bother to do their job saying, "They won't admit it anyway"? I suppose all murderers go free because why bother investigating. It's frustrating. The ones who have the authority to help the situation, are blatently refusing. Maybe you can talk to their bosses....Let the PO know, maybe he can think of something, or knows someone who can help. So sorry, Alyssa
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    Ya know what really ticked me off?

    I was in the bank today and there were two narcotics detectives in there cashing their lovely paychecks. I spoke with them. They were aware of Victor. There were aware of Dennis. They know Chris. Heck...they even know Cory! Aint that special?

    But they couldnt tell me Victors last name either!!! Oh but they knew Chris's last name and Corys last name! Ok...Cory doesnt sell dope and Victor does. So tell me why the narcotics detectives know his last name and not Victors?

    And just what was their educated advice? "Try to keep away from Chris I guess!"

    Cory isnt going near Chris...its Chris TALKING TO EVERYONE!!!!

    Staying in the house isnt going to stop someone from shooting us.
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    First and foremost, I'm sorry you are going through all this Janet......

    Is there any, at least one, officer that you can talk to or turn to? One that has offered an ear, offered to help you or Cory? Anyone? Could Cory's PO suggest someone?
    I'm thinking that if you could find ONE person to talk to, instead of trying to talk to all the force, you may have a better chance of getting some good, concrete advice. At the least, you would have someone looking out for Cory.
    If it's not your township officers, maybe a county one?

    I'm just trying to think of someone that could help that's "on the inside".

    Also, if you aren't doing so, document, document, document. Even if you don't think a detail is important - write down what the vehicle looked like last night. What "Victor" and his female partner looked like. All the details of every encounter.

    And do your best to keep Cory on the straight and narrow (yeah, I realize easier said than done). Tell him how important it is to keep totally away from Chris, and to make sure he's NEVER alone with the guy.

    I feel for you. I'm sorry I don't have any good suggestions.
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    ...might be time to get your state legislators or the media involved.

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    Chris is terrorizing the across the street neighbor who helped us get back the gun. This poor guy is not all that bright and is timid and scared to death. They dont have a phone or even jobs at this point in time. They are sleeping on a mattress in the living room of a really old tiny trailer.

    We cant convince him to stand up for himself. He wants us to fix all this. I dont know how we can fix it if we cant fix it for ourselves!

    The only good thing we have learned is pointing a gun at someone is a misdemeanor! Great...nice to know. Besides that...we all know...if go..."who me? Not I!"

    Im getting such an education in the law. really need to move your son up here. He would never go to jail again.
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    Maynor (former sheriff) also has not been charged. He resigned as sheriff in December 2004, citing health reasons, and friends say he is rarely seen in public anymore. He has not returned repeated telephone calls.

    U.S. attorneys have declined to comment on whether Maynor is a suspect in the investigation. Britt(District Attorney) said he doesn't know for sure.

    As the investigation intensified, Britt said, unfounded rumors about Maynor flourished:

    The SBI searched his house and found $1 million.(And Im sure he got this from his county govt salary!!!)

    A federal grand jury in Wilmington had indicted him, and Maynor was cooperating.

    The SBI arrested him in his house, and he came out wearing handcuffs.

    "After awhile, it just got ridiculous," Britt said. "If he went out of town, the allegations were that he'd been arrested. It just went nuts."

    In time, he said, the rumors ended and people started to forget about the investigation until the indictments came down in June.

    "It caught everybody by surprise who was not knowledgeable about what was going on," Britt said.

    He said he tried to be silent and professional before the indictments were made. Now that part of the investigation has been publicly revealed, Britt feels more freedom to talk.

    "Some say I have a personal vendetta," he said. "That couldn't be further from the truth."

    Britt said law officers must be held to a higher standard, and whatever punishment may come from this will be justified.

    "I know that some people are blaming me," he said. "The bottom line is the people who end up getting charged, they have no one to blame but themselve
  14. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Best guess -

    Chris is an informant.

    Sorry Janet - I think that locking the guns up was a great idea - I think moving the ammunition is a better one!

    Really sorry you're enduring any of this. I'm worried for all of you.
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    All these incidents with guns involved would scare the bejeesus out of me!!
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    Oh, Janet. You're police dept is just like ours. I'm so sorry. :frown:

    We had the FBI and DEA come in and do a major drug bust a couple of years ago. I think more cops and deputies were arrested than citizens.

    Seems we're a major hub for meth and pot. (oh, goody)

    Be careful and stay safe.

  17. HereWeGoAgain

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    I bet you're right. Do be careful DJ.
  18. Star*

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    Laugh if you want - when I tell people I'm from the Carolinas - I get the 100 year old back in time look. And they aren't wrong.

    Our City police chief just resigned for "supposedly" being assaultive to his deputy.

    I understand Janet - after what we went through with difficult child thinking that the honest person is better? No MAAM - I'm blind, deaf and dumb if anything happens here. Too risky to end up like your neck of the woods and the good old boy systems.

    Moving on and moving North ASAP.
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    I think this has really upset me so much because I had such respect for law enforcement. My uncle was a policeman in a small town up north. He was a good cop. I knew the police chief up there. He was a good man too. He wouldnt dream of doing this stuff.

    I was thrilled when Jamie wanted to go into law enforcement because it was an honorable profession. HAH!

    This sort of thing just gives the whole profession a bad name. It has soured me completely. Now I cant respect any of them. I see a cop car and think...oh there goes another corruption mobile. I wonder how much that guy makes in kickbacks each week?

    I am jaded.

    How do we teach our kids respect for authority when those in authority are not worthy of respect? When they are acting in a more criminal manner than most of the criminals? In my mind, we cant tell them to respect those people.
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    Starbie's got a point, there, Janet.