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    To be honest, I was planning to wait awhile longer until I'd worked in more areas of the plant. The way jobs are applied or "bid" for in this company is downright weird. There are no general production jobs, they don't hire full time employees for general labor anymore. Those are temp jobs. Anyone wanting to work full time has to apply for the upper level jobs. I'm not sure how or why this came to be........but it explains why we have positions with titles such as Back up Back up Operator or Back up Back up Back up GOA (general operator assistant). Those back up positions can get rather lengthy in title. It is almost comical. "Almost" except for someone who would like to just stick to the job they're doing as general labor. *sigh* Also, when you bid for a job, you're not just bidding for one job regardless of what you put on the application. You're bidding for all available jobs posted at that time, whether you want them or not doesn't matter. You then are interviewed, tested, and the company decides which job you're best suited for, if any at that time.

    Not exactly what I'm used to..........and I have to be honest and say I don't much care for it. Sounds like a poor way to run a business if you ask me. I have no desire to be a line operator or even a GOA and I don't give a hoot how much money they make (quite a lot). Both are high stress PITA jobs. Not for me.

    So, while I do want full time, I wasn't in much of a hurry. I was waiting until something more my speed was posted and until I had some more experience, due to that you never know what job you'll get stuck with deal. My experience there is somewhat unusual. Most people are shuffled from line to line until they seem to "fit" in somewhere. I didn't have that. By my 2nd or so week I already had my line assignment and I have basically stayed there with a few exceptions.

    Last night while working the Temp boss came up and told the girl next to me (friend couple months less seniority than me) that he was going to give her an app for the wax room position that will be posted next week. Now, as I've said, sometimes my mouth has a mind of it's own and I speak with absolutely no thought process going on upstairs. I asked temp boss what about my app? He sort of smart mouthed asked me if I had my diploma (like he assumed I didn't). I told him I'd not only graduated HS but I'd also graduated the local community college and he should not just "assume" things about people. He blinked stupidly at me for a moment.....then was embarrassed........and well, I got my app too.

    Temp boss and I have sort of an odd friendship. He can be nice.......but he can also be a class A @ss, a snob, and a jerk. When he is being either of those 3 my mouth tends to let him know it. My brain doesn't seem to be an active participant. lol He wasn't mad, just embarrassed he had gotten caught with his snobby attitude.

    I'll fill out the app this weekend. Monday before returning it to him, I'm going to take it to another supervisor (this supervisor told us to in order to increase chances for interview) to have him look over it, approve it, and make sure his boss sees it before giving it back to temp boss. This supervisor has a very strong suspicion that temp boss is playing God with the applications, if you get my drift. If I go through this other way, temp boss has no choice but to turn it in as the other bosses (over him) have already seen it and will be expecting it.

    I have plenty of higher ups that like me, regardless of my telling it like it is mouth. I do my job and I do it well, I will point out if something is wrong so it can be corrected, I don't complain, I'm there everyday sick or well....... But even so, it doesn't make it a sure thing. Interview is not really a big deal. It's the's weird testing. (think lab rats) It involves both puzzles and math, and situations that are designed to single out leaders in a group. Not so worried about the leader deal......those are there for the operator, GOA, and other supervisory positions which I don't want. Puzzles have never been something I'm very good at. Ever. It depends on the puzzle, but still. Math......well, we all know my issues with math and transposing numbers. Not sure if the 2 jobs I'm putting in for require math, I know neither could require anything to do with the puzzles. Now, oddly enough, you can not do well on the test and still get hired, just maybe for not what you wanted. I said the whole process is weird.

    The world will not end if I don't get the jobs. I'll still have my temp position. I'm not even getting my hopes up. I'm still looking for either better paying full time work elsewhere or a decent option for a 2nd job.

    However a fulltime position would be nice to have as it is 5.00 more an hour with benefits. So any good thoughts are appreciated.
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    Pretzeling up and sending good thoughts and prayers your way. They'd be fools not to make you a permanent part of their team.
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    Crossing my fingers and toes for you!
  4. Signorina

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    Good luck!!!
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    Fingers crossed, you deserve the (or a) full-time position and they would be lucky to have you!
  6. AnnieO

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    Lots of prayers and pretzeling for you. If anyone ever deserved a break...!

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    How long do they take to process applications? I thought I might hold my breath for you, lol, but I think maybe I better just cross a couple of fingers. Hugs DDD
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    Thanks guys.

    A break sure would be nice.

    DDD it can depend. It can be a week or more depending on the number of people bidding for the same jobs due to scheduling the interviews/testing. might be holding your breath a while. lol
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    Fingers crossed!!!

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    Crossing fingers, rattling beads and putting on my mukluks to go do the nekkid chicken liver dance out in the snow bank.