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    I ran across a website where people can see what, if anything, other people are saying about lawyers, courts, judges, etc. so of course, I had to check it out. It is a national website but it did have our court in it with a few angry posts. I noticed that people were ranting about this judge- the same judge as difficult child had/has - but they were really complaining because she was believing the CASA worker, gal, or other "third parties".

    Of course I couldn't just keep my opinions to myself so I posted about the real problem being the third parties, not the judges over there. Then, another person and I have posted again to discuss this because that other person is in agreement with me. Well, I wondered how people from here (my locality) were finding this "legal complaint" website so I googled the judge's name and guess what is the first thing to come up? The website showing those nasty posts.:surprise:

    I didn't register and use my name and I didn't say anything bad about the judge. But you know me- I ripped a good one on the gal and po and attny's. I gave a few details about difficult child's situation. The way this online conversation was going, it probably would not be a problem at all if the judge sees this and figures out it's me, but it's not going to be good at all if a third party runs across it and figures out it's me. Nope, not at all. :ashamed::sad-very::faint::sick:
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    Many employers are starting to Google potential interviewees or when people are up for their My Space, Facebook and Twitter pages and rule them out before they are even considered because of things written.

    It's probably good to be reminded that on an open forum like the one you are referring to and THIS FORUM TOO, that there's the possibility of millions of eyes reading our words, not just the people we're talking to here.

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    Geez. I googled my name and all I ever find is a bunch of impressive people. Authors, professors, etc. I think I want to be the one who has treked across every continent and fights poverty for others through her travels. WAAAAA.....:sad-very:

    All I found was my family website that hasn't been updated since 2003. Wow. I look fat.

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    Well evidently I am a world renowned illustrator of childrens books!
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    LOL!! I'm glad I didn't need to put my name or anything. There wouldn't be anyway to positively identify me through that and I'm sure I've said worse on this board than I did that oone. Anyway, I might try to find a way to email that site's administartors and see if I can revise my posts so it is a little less detailed about difficult child's case.

    Thanks for the reminder, Suz. I have wondered if any of them have found me here. LOL!

    Gee Abbey and DJ, I had no idea that I was in the midst of the rich and famous!! I feel so special now. :)

    I googled mine once and evidently, I'm a stay at home mom with a wonderful easy child husband and family in GA.
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    K---I think you'll be fine. I know that the powers that be in Department of Juvenile Justice probably aren't smart enough to put 2 and 2 together.
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    Thanks, EW!! I should have thought of that- besides, I'm sure we aren't the only ones with the difficult child being incarcerated who had that gal and PO, so "my story" probably could apply to a few families from this county, right?
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    When I google myself I'm a couple of things. I'm a real estate agent with my own website (not me)....

    ....and Wikipedia says:

    "The Vermont rumor is that *Suz* was a prostitute or madam who catered to soldiers stationed at Fort Ethan Allen, and that how *Suz* Road received it's name.

    However, geneologists have concurred that Mrs.*Suz* was simply an Irish immigrant, an honorable married woman who worked as a housekeeper and cook for several Essex families.
    It seems to be the opinion of the majority of person's living in the area that the reason for the naming of *Suz* Road is due to the fact that Mrs.*Suz* lived in the only house that was located on the road at that time. "


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    Hmmmm, double life, huh? Or just gossip?? I guess that's one of those mysterious things we'll never know. LOL!!

    Unfortunately, I am positive that everyone will know this really is the judge. It lists them as judges and in the jurisdiction and type of court. There's no getting around that one-
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    Don't you hate it when you speak your mind and then for some reason think, "Oh no! what if the wrong person heard?" I find that whenever I am less than kind that it usually gets back to the person so I try very hard to be diplomatic.

    Anger is o.k. and venting is good - just that some people don't appreciate the venting system when they are the source.
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    Let's see...........

    According to the google search on my name.........

    I run an animal rescue group, a group to protect endangered species, and am a famous author. a dental assistant, and I'm DEAD!! :rofl:

    Oh, I gotta try this with my maiden name............

    Oh, this is MUCH better.....

    I'm a classical singer, a jewelry artist (silver), a senior lecturer at a major university, a professor of english. :rofl:

    Hey, this is sort o' fun........especially since my Mother's Day has turned out to be quite boring.:faint:
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    Years ago I googled myself or my phone number...cant remember which and I actually found myself! It was a letter that I had written to the editor but what was odd was that I had never sent it. I wanted to but decided it was just better not to. This letter ended up printed in a small paper in a county many counties away from where I live. The only thing I can think of is that the letter ended up saved on my computer at work and after I left, my coworkers found it and printed it out and mailed it off to this newspaper. The topic of the letter was about a statewide social services issue. What was bad for me was that it listed my complete name and phone number on the letter and on the internet. Not there now though.
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    You betcha! :cutie_pie: