Big pharmacy mistake and props for difficult child!!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Kathy813, Jul 20, 2012.

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    I'll have to give you a little background first. I finally gave in about a month ago about the Xanax. She was having a lot of problems with anxiety . . . especially at work. Her DBT therapist said that she was afraid difficult child would lose her job if she didn't take something for her anxiety. She suggested a second psychiatric opinion and gave us a name of a psychiatrist she thought very highly of and would work closely with her on difficult child's treatment program.

    So difficult child saw the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist upped her Celexa and prescribed Xanax for the anxiety. difficult child was willing to let us control the Xanax so even though I was still nervous about it I said okay. We give her two pills each morning which she breaks into 4 pieces to space throughout the day.

    Now to the story . . . difficult child needed a refill of the Xanax and Celexa so we dropped off the prescriptions yesterday and husband went back to pick them up last night.

    This morning, when difficult child was getting ready for work, husband handed her the 2 Xanax pills and the bottle of Celexa (which she takes care of on her own). She went off to her room for a minute and then came back and said that there must have been a mix-up because there was Xanax in the Celexa bottle. husband pulled the Xanax bottle out of the safe where we keep it and it was filled with Xanax. At that point, we realized that the pharmacy had goofed up big time and filled both bottles with Xanax.

    husband took the Celexa bottle filled with Xanax back to the pharmacy and told them what happened. They were very embarrassed and corrected the mistake.

    difficult child had gone off to work so I texted her that husband had gotten the problem corrected and she texted me back that "the old me wouldn't have said anything. I am growing."

    When she came home from work, she said, "You know, in the past, I would have sold the extra Xanax and then gotten my refill for the Celexa at the community center. I am proud of myself."

    I am proud of her, too.

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    Yeah for difficult child and you all. BOO for the xoueqqx pharmacy. husband and I decided almost ten years ago to overpay for the medications we needed for the "boys" because the chain pharmacy kept messing up. We go to a family owned pharmacy and there are no least there haven't been for a decade. Come to think of it I guess our customers make the same type of decision for their truck parts. Sigh. DDD
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    Wow Kathy, I am proud of her too, she has really changed. It's wonderful that she can see it in herself and be proud of herself, what a great step for her own self esteem. You're both doing such a wonderful job, it is so nice to hear about it.
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    This happened at the pharmacy in our local grocery store. We have used them for almost 15 years and this is the first time they made a mistake but it sure was a whopper. I like that they are open 24 hours so we will stick with them but will sure watch our medications more closely (which we should do anyway).
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    Wow...That's awesome Kathy!! HUGE sign of her improvement. I'm thrilled for all of you!!!
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    Good for difficult child, she certainly is growing.

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    Good for difficult child. That is great! The pharmacy sure didn't triple check that bottle.
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    This is so great Kathy! She is doing so well! Huge step.
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    I have this HUGE grin on my face... Way To Go difficult child!!!
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    What great news for your difficult child! We are all proud of her!