Billy got a new(used) car!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, May 12, 2012.

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    2 1/2 years ago Billy bought a 2000 Nissan because he needed to get back and forth to work. He paid about 2K for it and it lasted him this long but it was really starting to give him some major issues. The transmission was going and he was putting almost $300 a month of transmission fluid in just to get back and forth to work each month. It was time to get rid of the car. It would have cost almost as much as he paid for the car to get the transmission replaced. Not a good idea.

    He was able to get 2200 for a trade in on his Nissan and got a 2010 HHR. Very nice car and it is bigger. The Nissan was really small. I can get in and out of the HHR much easier. I like it.

    Billy may have to live with me until he pays it oh well. Gosh I wish he could find a better job but this area is just so depressed. He has applied everywhere. He has an interview Monday somewhere.

    I am so proud of him because his very first car was a POS that Cory passed down to him to learn to drive and it was barely held together with duct tape. Then he paid cash for the second one and now he has moved up to this 2010. This one should last him for a long time. He is very careful with his finances and worked very hard to get his credit score up to where he could qualify for a loan. He had a very good score I think, especially since he doesnt make that much money.
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    Aw Janet, I'm proud of him too! Way To Go Billy!!

    I hope this newer car doesn't give him a moment's trouble.

    I tend to like the older cars myself, seems the newer ones have more issues that crop up (some makes worse than others) that nickel and dime you to death. My saturn is a is 12 yrs, nearly 13 yrs old and (knocks on wood) I've never done anything major to it, just maintenance stuff like brakes ect. Runs great, doesn't give me a moments trouble. :)

    It was used by some 5 yrs when I got it, single owner.

    Just seems like the more computer components they put into them the more issues there are and the more expensive it is to repair.
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    That's great, Janet! That's the way it's supposed to go - start off small, build up your credit, then get something bigger and better. I hope he really enjoys his new car!
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    The very first car we let him get from Cory he paid $200 for. It was also a Nissan but was maybe a 94. I think Cory bought it for $300. It was a POS but it ran. We knew that he would run that thing into something...or And he did. He got stuck in ditches when it snowed and one day when it rained, the electrical system went out and he skidded into the jeep in front of him at about 4mph or so. Caused about a quarter sized dent in his hood but the guy in the jeep who swore he was a preacher tried to sue him for massive amounts. Oddly the cops noted no damage to the jeep....hmmm. The old Nissan still ran. When Billy bought the second one, he gave the first one back to Cory and Mandy but someone where they lived broke into it and stripped it and the landlord where they lived towed it off.

    I hope the HHR lasts and he doesnt have any problems with it. I am with you on lots of computer parts myself. My 2007 is bare bones. I dont have the fancy door openers and it doesnt talk to me. I look at those with Probably if I get a new one I will have to get a van that will do all that stuff because I cant turn around to do all that parking anymore. I could really use a car that parked for me. Now talking to me and hijacking me to Jareds is something else...lmao.
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    Way to go my man!!!!!!!