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    I had my appointment today with the doctor who will give me bioidentical.
    He explained things unreal. First he said when you have a hysterectomy they should NEVER remove the ovaries unless they are diseased. He then drew some charts. Showing when we are younger, child bearing years your body produces estrogen, progestren and testostorone (I know I messed up the spelling there.) Anyway my brain is asking for these hormones, but I have NONE so I am irritable, moody, lose control, cry...and the doctors give you estrogen. Still not feeling better, they tell you to take an antibiotic. He said this is such a huge change. Hot flashes he compared to drug withdrawls because my brain is screaming for hormones. With out these, loss of muscle, fat gain, and cholesterol shoots up. Can cause heart problems, vein's, skin not as stretchy as before. You feel like you have to do everything and nobody helps.
    No energy, trouble sleeping...
    BINGO - he hit everything right on the head. Then I said - I live with three boys who don't believe in menopause.....

    Are you ready/?????

    This doctor man (older doctor) said "go cut their testicles off, and then ask them how they feel in a few days". hahahaha....

    He asked if my doctor ever did blood tests. Nope. So, he did a hormone panel and I go back in a week for results.

    Then he will prescribe MY missing hormones and monitor every few months.

    He did say that this doesn't work overnight. 6 - 8 weeks, PLUS I need to eat better. But HOW do you eat better when I work Midnight to noon? I can't cook at work. And I like bread, potatoes, chocolate, caffeine.

    Those are what he told me to stop eating. I use to walk up to 10 miles a day. Work out twice a day just because I loved it. He asked when I stopped....When I had my surgery. I couldn't walk or do excersize after, I had to heal. And then never did again.

    So I came hime and told my husband if he gets mad at me for being irritable I am going to cut his nuts off. The look on his face was perfect. LOL. Then I explained.

    I am excited. Maybe I am not losing my mind. Maybe I don't need drugs.
    I am hoping this works out.
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    Totally makes sense to me...... hope they can get you on the right dosages and you get back to "normal".........
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    I'm partial to "older" Doctors because they take time to explain things in an understandable way. I hate walking out of the MD's office with instructions "to do" what he said "to do" with no explanation. My nature is to ask why. Congrats on finding a sensible medical professional. DDD
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    STAY AWAY FROM THE KITCHEN, THE SHED and the Sewing basket......

    Glad you are going to be getting relief from a doctor who understood things and was willing to explain them to you. That's worth it's weight in gold.
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    One thing I learned from my OB/GYN is to not put 100% faith in the blood work. Tests can show hormones in the right range and you still feel miserable. Or you feel fine and tests are not where the doctor would like them to be. So be SURE to make how you FEEL a BIG part of decision making for your hormones.

    I do just fine on the estrogen only. right after the surgery they put me on a patch, which got me through the week after the surgery. Then I was on tablets and given a range to adjust them within to see where I felt best.

    For ME the plain estrogen seems to do just fine. None of the menopause symptoms. One of my bff's from high school had horrible luck with the regular replacement hormones. She had a hysterectomy because her cycle has been intensely painful from the very first time. Treatment for endometriosis did nothing, though seh had a rampant problem with it. We ended up with hysterectomies with-in 4 months of each other (and each of our kids is with-in 4 months of each others - and we were out of touch for 15 years!!).

    It wasn't until she went with bioidentical hormones through a doctor who does nothing but those that she had ANY relief. It made a huge difference in her quality of life.

    I really hope this helps you.