BiPolar (BP) 6 y.o with- IEP suspended again for sexual harassment/issues with school

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    My little Elijah who is six years old has the diagnoses of ADHD, Bipolar II with Rapid Cycling, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Cognitive Disorder with Executive Functions weakness. We live in MA. He is in a SPED substantially seperate class of mixed grades. There are four other children in his class who are third and fourth graders, a SPED teacher, a classroom aid, and his one on one aid. This is the fourth time he has gotten suspended this school year, the second time for Sexual Harassment. His out of school suspensions now total five days.

    He grabbed his one on one aides crotch. He told me his belly just did it. I am thinking that he was overstimulated and that this situation could have possibly been avoided. I wrote in his communication wook this morning that he was irritable. Still his one on one aid went alone with him to another room and tried to do testing with him. First off she should not be alone with him seeing he has touched her before. Second they should not have him do testing when they know he is already irritable. Third he showed signs of frustration before this. He told her he did not want to do the testing anymore. He then told her he was going to pour his water on it. She told him she would take the water away. That is when he touched her. I think she should have listened to his words better. My son then stayed at school another hour and a half until I picked him up. If he was going to get suspended should have been more immediate.

    Then at the school when I picked him up his teacher seemed surprised that I did not get a call from the principal. I did not even know that he was suspended until two hours after I picked him up.

    He often tells me that belly talks to him and tells him to do bad things. He holds conversations with belly and often argues with him. The school had a meeting about a month ago to talk about Elijah when he moved to the SPED class which is in a different school than regular kindergarten. At the meeting I did not think very highly of his new principal. I told the man about four times how children with bipolar can be hypersexual. He kept saying that it was very concerning to him and what would make a child act this way. I even brought him in papers and quotes off the internet about how children with bipolar often are hypersexual. He did not seem to say anything about them so I do not even know if he read it.

    When I picked him up today his one on one aid told me that she does not know what they are going to do next. I guess i will find out at the meeting. I get so frustrated dealing with the school. My son does not learn anything from being suspended. He is so impulsive that three quarters of the time I honestly don't think he knows what he is doing and even when he does his body does not get the difference between right and wrong.

    I am going to request that the school place him in an alternative school that is in the next town over. It is obvious that my school district can not accomodate him in his best interest. I am going to write letters: One to the principal to tell him each time my son has a behavior issue I want to be notified right away. Two: To the SPED director telling him some accomodations that I think Elijah needs and is not currently getting. I have a three inch binder of the laws, regs, info on his diagnoses plus medications, educating children with bipolar info, etc. They all look at the binder. They know I am always well prepared for his meetings.

    What can I do to get the school to accomodate him better? He has an IEP under Emotionally Disturbed. They were supposed to do a FBA but I have not seen the results so I don't know if they ever did the BIP.

    When he is suspended he does not mind because he prefers to be home anyways. I don't really give him many consiquences at home when he is suspended because I believe he did not mean to do what he did, could not control his body, and did not know it was wrong. If I was to give him consiquences then he would probably just rage because he would not know why. Maybe that is wrong. I don't know. I guess I will see what happens Thursday morning. I know that they are going to push for me to send him to the hospital when I don't think that is necessary now. He has an appointment in Boston at Tufts Medical Center on Friday morning with a new psychiatrist. I will see what he has to say. Thanks to all who listened and any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    Sexual harrassment -- like he has a clue what that is....

    You need to call an IEP meeting and ask that the sd involve a specialist in teaching bipolar children to control their hypersexuality.

    You are also within your rights to ask for the placement in the next town over.

    All educators involved in your son's school day should having training in his disorders. That never happens...but know that you can request that they receive training.

    As the parent, you are part of the IEP team and can call an IEP meeting at any time.

    Unless difficult child BIP addresses this behavior, the sd will likely say they will hold him to the regular code of conduct. These type issues need to have goals written into the BIP.

    Another thing, IEP students can be suspended for up to 10 school days. Be sure and keep a count.
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    Sheila gave you what you need to move forward. In regards to the FBA, you should be involved as you are a member of your son's IEP team. It's not just for the school to do, it's for you to complete as well. You, as his mother, know a lot about what can set off your son and what often times works to calm him. They absolutely need your imput. He needs to get this FBA compelte so the BIP is done ASAP!

    Another important issue - I notice you have a photograph as your avatar. It is strongly recommended that you not have pictures of your children on the site. This site is read world-wide. In that past, we have had school districts and disgruntled family lurking on the site. For you son's privacy, if that is a picture of your son, I suggest you remove it.