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    My daughter has bipolar. She is currently failing several classes & kids pick on her at school. She began standing up to kids because last year the bulliying led into into such depression that she was hospitalized. Last week she got into a fight with a girl that rudely blocked her from looking at a project and some comments were exchanged. The girl asked my daughter if she wanted to fight & their were several other kids around, so my daughter said sure. My daughter told the teacher about it but the teacher did just asked if they needed to go to the counsler. Since my daughter knew if she said yes, she would become a target of the other kids so she said no & sat down. When class was over the other girl & her friends approached my daughter in the hall to fight again. My daughter lost it and they went to the bathroom and fought. They was going to suspend her for 3 days but realized this would be her 11th day so we went to a manifestation meeting. The school is saying that since there was time between the initial confrontation and the actual fight, it isnt part of her bipolar becase she could have got help. I have to produce evidence otherwise, we resume this week...I dont know how to do this without spending a lot of money on a advocate. The free advocates cant help so soon...Any suggestions?
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    Welcome to the board. You have come to the right place for help. I have been where you are as far as the situation goes. You need to find a witness that saw THEM approach her. It might also be helpful to argue "How do you think my daughter forced these other girls into the bathroom. She does not have magical powers or super strength to accomplish this." If the bullying is that bad for your daughter, you might want to consider changing schools. She deserves a SAFE place to go to school. It sounds like this school is anything but safe.

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    hi and welcome......

    im so sorry all too many times we have to hear of kids being bullied, them falling into depressions etc. its' very sad. my daughter went thru the same thing in school. kids out there are doing it because their parents are not steering them the right way in some cases i strongly believe.

    i would get the book "the bipolar child" by dimitri papolos wrote on bipolar. take excerpts from that, there is several that i love one is a day in the life of a bipolar child. they do a 24 hr breakdown. all too many times we have to pyschoeducate the school systems who do not get what our children deal with on a daily basis.

    my questions would also be where were the teachers, aids etc. who was there to stop the problem before it got physical? that is the job of hte staff. im guessing she has an iep. what accomodations are listed on that in regards to self containment when she gets upset what the plan is. i'd go thru it with a fine tooth comb to find and pull out anything that you can use.

    it isn't just the thing they want to penalize her for either as you know its their apparent lack of understanding. our typical functioning kids might lose it in a similar sitiuation.

    id also mention how due to their lack of educating students on bullying your daughter was lead to a deep depression by the kids at that very school. id' demand an assembly in time, after the smoke has cleared about bullying the effects etc. i did that at my difficult child's elementary school. she went thru the same and i had had enough.

    sorry this kinda stuff gets me very upset.

    hope i was able to help in between my ranting lol

    welcome again