Bizarre staffing


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Definitely Twilight Zone stuff.

Follows directions well. :smile:

Gets along with- peers, has really "fit in well" with- the program. :nonono:

Is on time to everything. :surprise:

Compliant and "polite" in school, has done every assignment and gotten straight A's. :faint:

They have seen him getting frustrated but not having any outbursts at all over his frustration. :hypnosis:

They *do* see a lot of work that needs to be done in terms of independent living skills.

I finally said: So you're wondering what he's doing there, hunh?

They understand honeymooning concept, but I don't think they get the fact that thank you can have a very loooong honeymoon. Time will tell.

Don't get me wrong - I'm as close to ecstatic as I've ever been over his behavior but I guess the PTSD in me can't help but think there's a huge anvil hanging over our heads, waiting for the honeymoon to be over. on the other hand... he has made amazing strides in the past year and is just very very different in terms of mood and that underlying anxiety/revving motor thing, which has disappeared.

If he can make it to the new year without major glitches (double the amount of time it's taken him to fall apart on previous discharges from Residential Treatment Center (RTC)) we will start talking about him returning home full time. He is coming home Labor Day - and is using public transportation for a huge chunk of the trip! :thumb:

I'm trying really hard not to get too excited... but I am. Would be so nice to have my son home again, safely.


Oh, wow, your excitement comes through loud and clear! This is awesome news! Let the good times continue to roll for thank you and your family.It's so great to hear all the hard work of yours, thank you, and staff has paid off,


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I think it's awesome how much thank you has grown. The possibility of reunification for you has to be exciting.

I understand from experience your fears of getting excited to be let down. Maybe, just maybe, this time, thank you is matured. A different person. You just never know.

I'm excited for you. I understand keeping your guard up, PTSD, and the worry ~ been there done that many times with difficult child 2.

Enjoy the Twilight Zone. Be proud :smile:

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What great news! :princess:He really has made great strides!! Praying this is more than a honeymoon period! :smile:


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I understand about the long honeymoon. difficult child 1 has one that can go for 6 months. Sometimes hard to convince people anything is wrong. Also, hard to know if something is really working. I hope it is with thank you. Enjoy the moment and may it never end.