Blaming difficult child is a hard habit to break


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Our adult easy child daughter is visiting this week. She left her SUV in the driveway Mon night, unlocked. The next a.m., she found that someone had gone through the glove box and thrown stuff all over. But it appeared that nothing had been stolen.
Her gut reaction was that difficult child did it.
I told her that he came inside at the same time she did, and was playing video games in the LR, and I checked on him every 10-15 min. to tell him to turn it off and go to bed.
She didn't believe me.
Turns out, some kids vandalized the entire neighborhood that night. Bent mailboxes, smashed front doorknobs, doors being egged, 7 cars broken into, and apparently one house. Nothing was taken that I'm aware of.:brokenheart:
husband asked her if she felt better, knowing that it was not difficult child.
She admitted that she did.
I'm posting this because I want those of you with other children to know how many years it takes to "get over" the things that difficult children have done to us.
Sometimes we never get over it.
The healing process can take years, if it ever happens.
That's the price difficult children pay. And the price we all pay.
So sad, but there you have it.

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I do know what you mean. It is hard not to jump to that conclusion. I agree that the healing process can take years and in the back of my mind I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop.


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We still find things... It's hard not to think about Belle... Even though at this point it doesn't even matter.