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  1. amazeofgrace

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    OK so I avoid this board, alot, I am 100 lbs overweight and I know it's time, yet I am in denial.

    None the less today I decide I will "try again".

    had oatmeal for breakfast, a healthy salad for lunch, then I come home to difficult child's who are anxious, it makes me anxious and next thing you know I am 1/2 way into a choc dipped biscotti, wondering who unwrapped it and put it in my mouth, sigh...................

    2morrow is a new day, right? LOL
  2. amazeofgrace

    amazeofgrace New Member

    lets add a small liverwurst sandwich, 2 deviled eggs and a rasberry snapple onto that tally, sigh.............
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    OK, biscotti are healthier than most biscuits. They're definitely lower in fat (should be zero fat, just the chocolate on the outside of the one you had) and have some good things in them from the nuts...

    Small liverwurst sandwich - shouldn't be too much of a problem, if you had wholegrain bread, no butter (shouldn't need it with liverwurst) and maybe some lettuce and a thin sliver of onion on it as well. Two devilled eggs - OK, good protein. And nothing wrong with having two eggs, either. They aren't loaded with fat, the small amount of cholesterol is no big deal, these days most dieticians are ignoring the cholesterol in eggs. But how much fat was in the recipe?

    Raspberry snapple - I don't know that one. But if it's small and you only had one - OK, tomorrow is another day. You probably didn't do as bad today as you think.

    Do not try to cut back too far, too hard, too fast. You will be setting yourself up for failure.

    And don't be down on yourself. You had half a day of really good eating. You probably cut back too far in the morning, so you just got too ravenous in the afternoon. You need to be prepared to handle moments like that, by having food prepared, planned for, already there. Make sure that food is tasty, strongly flavoured (with flavours you like) but also permissible on your diet.

    And for that, you need to be sure what your diet is.

    Check the fat content on your liverwurst. I suspect it is less than butter. If it is, and if it DOES have some fat, then use the liverwurst as a spread. Put other stuff on the sandwich too, especially salad greens, a bit of onion, maybe some cucumber? And get wholegrain bread. Find one you really like. Some of the multigrain ones have some really nutty flavours in the seeds they add. I like the ones with whole sesame and linseed.

    Devilled eggs - find a recipe you like, that is lower in fat. It sounds to me like you really wanted flavour. And a diet doesn't have to mean you give up the flavour.

    I have some recipes you might like, if you let me know what sort of food you crave.

    Where possible, you do need to prepare your own food. There are multiple reasons for this:

    1) Processed, pre-packaged food tends to have high-carb, high-fat shortcuts in it to cut costs and speed up production. And to also have you craving more, therefore buying more, therefore making THEM rich.

    2) If you prepare the food yourself, you know exactly what is in it. You are entirely responsible for exactly what is in it.

    3) Food you prepare yourself is likely to be fresher, healthier, and a lot cheaper. Chances are it's better quality and more gourmet than anything you could buy that is pre-prepared. NEVER BELIEVE THE ADVERTISING which is designed to make you feel guilty and inadequate, if you don't buy their product.
    Example: my sister in law bought a packet Caesar Salad. She made a special meal of it with her mother, they really enjoyed it. Then I made mother in law a Caesar Salad of my own. I still used a shortcut - I bought a dressing - but I used real bacon, real anchovies, fresh croutons, fresh eggs - and mother in law loved it.
    We saw a packet Greek salad. We looked at the list of ingredients - then went home and made a REAL Greek salad, from scratch. And knew we had just eaten something wonderful.

    4) Food you prepare yourself is not only made to your liking,it's made to your specifications - and it slows you down. Food that is packaged is too readily available. Our bodies are designed to stock up on food while we have it, because we just don't know if the next day's hunter-gathering will turn up anything to eat. Our bodies are still in hunter-gatherer mode, but we now live within coo-ee of shops loaded with more food than we can ever eat.

    No wonder we all have to worry about our weight!

    Let me know if you want some recipes!

  4. amazeofgrace,

    Maybe it's because I'm from Atlanta, home of Gone With The Wind, and the city that completely rebuilt itself after total destruction by burning by General Sherman after the Civil War....

    But, I know that tomorrow is another day! I've always focused on small changes, small steps, day by day - because - well- they're easier, and they work. Marg has some excellent suggestions for you. It helps me to not view this process as "all or nothing" - just small steps, small changes that add up over time! Make just that one change - today....
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    glad you are "back" at it!

    I must admit, I absolutely love liverwurst!! I don't buy it thought because it is high in fat and cholestral - but with mayo, onion, s&p it is one of my fav sandwiches.

    But listen, I would imagine if you added up what you had yesterday it would suprise you, calorie wise. It doesn't sound like you made that many bad choices. If you love that Snapple, get the diet ones - there're good too!

    Don't beat yourself up. As One Day said, tomorrow (or that would be today) is another day!!

  6. amazeofgrace

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    thank you all, I am the type of binge eater that just needs to completely avoud certain trigger foods and drinks, because I can't eat just one or a small piece.

    I am still in the baby steps phase, Sadly S2BX getting out of rehab has made me look in the mirror and say I am just as heavy as I was a year ago.

    Today I skipped breakfast (too much going on at work to risk a stomach)

    lunch I had a big salad with tomatos, a can of water packed tuna, and some LF shredded cheese, with balsamic vinegarette and some LF triscuits & a diet coke (& it was really good)

    came home had a peach, the difficult child I brought the stress on but
    Dinner was a lean cuisine (Turkey/stuffing/sweet potatos), it's now 8PM and I know I need to shut the eating switch off, I really just want to chug a fully leaded coke right now, but i am about to go have ice water.

    sigh..... baby steps