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    When difficult child first had blood draws, psychiatrist said they needed to be done in mornings before getting morning medications. psychiatrist finally filled out the form for me to take difficult child to get a blood draw for thyroid and lithium check this week. I was going to take him tomorrow morning, however, I just called to verify and they are closed tomorrow and Monday due to holiday weekend. So, I can take him later today except, that might be different results if it is in late afternoon instead of first thing in morning.

    Does anyone know if this woulld make much difference? Given the psychiatrist agitation, there is no way I am calling him right now :whiteflag:
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    I cant speak to the lithium or thyroid aspect, but I know we were told for valproate levels (Depakote) it had to be done a minimum of 8 hours after last dosing (preferably morning).

    Can you call the lab you go to and ask them?
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    When I have had blood draws done on Cory...they said that I could do them half way between medication dosings. So if he took a pill at 8 am and 8 pm...I could take him in the middle of the afternoon.

    Make sense?
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    Thanks! I'm on hold with the lab now to ask the question- I am more concerned about the thyroid- I don't think it should matter as much with it.

    I like your new avatar, Janet!
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    Well, lab lady didn't know the answer. I read the article you sent, Kate. Thanks! I am going to go ahead and take him right before they close today. That will be about 10 hours since this morning's dose. He's having this because the thyroid level seemed to change so much between 2 blood draws given in a one week period. psychiatrist said the results were so different that there is no way it could have changed that much and he thinks one was a mistake from the lab. This test is to figure out which one is the mistake- the normal one or the abnormal one. If he knows when the test was given, I'm hoping he can still figure that out.