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    I am hoping someone here can eleviate my fears or if not point me in the right direction for finding answers.

    My 5 yr old daughter has had ongoing health problems since birth, nothing overly serious but constant. At 18months she had C. Difficile, at 4 she was diagnosed with chronic giardiasis. She has severe long sightedness, suppression & severe amblyopia in her right eye, mild amblyopia in her left. She is diagnosed with sensory processing disorder (SPD) (low registration). I was of the opinion her issues/symptoms were due to food intolerences (I wanted it to be that simple to be honest) as such I got GP to do blood tests last week to see if anything has changed since we treated the giardiasis.

    I got her blood results back but have not yet seen her GP or Pead. The results concern me so I just need some clarity. Her Urea (BUN) is high 8.1mmol/L (a year ago it was 5.2mmol/L), her Bicarbonate is low 22mmol/L (a year ago it was the same when she had Giardisis), sodium on bottom of normal levels at 137mmol (a year ago it was 139mmol/L) everything else is within normal (including iron studies, ESR, Full blood count & TSH). Her BUN/Creatine ratio is 67:1

    Her symptoms are
    regular (but transient) stomach distension (up to 10cm within a day)
    Sometimes the distension is rock hard, other times soft. She does complain of pain when it is rock hard (understandably)
    Rash around mouth that changes from mild to moderate
    has only gained 1kg in last year even though she is a large/healthy eater
    In last 2 years her height has moved from 50th percentile to 30th percentile (gradual)
    IBS Symptoms (though they don't correlate with distension)
    fatigued (tired even in morning after full nights sleep)
    headaches (always put them down to vision, but not sure)
    Chest pain (had assumed reflux, not sure though)
    Complains of general aches & pains, but can't pin point (she has a very high pain threshold normally)
    irritable/whinger (becoming worse)
    appears to have lowish muscle tone (seems weaker than other kids her age)

    Any advice would be appreciated

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    Hi Kailey,
    I see that you still have lots of concern about your daughter. Unfortunately, I am no doctor and can't comment on the blood test. Have you given this list of concern to a trusted doctor? I would put it in written just like you did today and go over each point with doctor.
    The only thing I can somewhat comment on is the acid reflux. Partner has GERD at a very sevre level. But for a whole year, Doctors sis not know what was wrong. He would go into respiratory arrest (to the point of being hospitalized), they thought it was asthma (although no allergies showed on the test) but would not respond to asthma treatment. We started suspecting acid reflux as it can lead to respiratory problems in rare cases. In the Pediatrician's office, Partner talked about "his fire" and from this point forward he was diagnosis and treated for GERD. Maybe use the same analogy with your daughter?
    I truely hope a doctor will finally hear your concerns.