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  1. Wiped Out

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    Over the years difficult child goes in streaks with bloody noses. I have never seen anyone gush blood like this kid. In the last week he has had at least 6 gushers (it's what we call them). Two have been in his sleep. Two at school. We even have stained carpeting now. Last night he fell asleep on the couch and I looked over and saw a gusher starting. husband and I took turns holding his nose, we literally had to take one kleenex away and get another one there or the blood would be pouring out. He sorta woke up a few times but couldn't really help because he was so out of it.

    husband went on line and found that a product named AYR is suppose to help (it's sort of vasoline like). We are hoping that will help.

    If anyone has other suggestions or knows of a good product to get blood out of carpeting please let me know!
  2. smallworld

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    Sharon, you should be in touch with his pediatrician. You should also ask his psychiatrist if it could be related to any of his medications and if he might need bloodwork (if it hasn't been done recently).

    My younger daughter gets bloody noses once every three weeks or so. When I told her pediatrician, he said if it got very frequent, he would want to see her. Unfortunately, he didn't tell me what he would do.:tongue:
  3. Hound dog

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    Peroxide will do wonders on getting the blood out of the carpet. (actually getting blood out of anything)

    Nichole suffered nosebleeds for years. She's had her share of gushers, but when she started getting massive (literally) clots along with it.........Then I got worried.

    pediatrician doctor told us it was most likely allergy related. Up until then she had no allergy dxes. He put her on a nasal spray and zertec and no more nosebleeds. So I guess he was right.

    I'd check out the medications and ask about the possiblity of them being triggered by allergies.

  4. Lothlorien

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    Ayr is simply a saline spray. Does he have allergies? Have you had his blood pressure checked?

    My husband has bloody noses when his allergies are bad, but also when his blood pressure is up. He's on hydrochlorothyazide for blood pressure and his gushers have been less, except during allergy season.
  5. witzend

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    M used to get those to the point that he had to be cauterized at the ER to get them to stop. It was caused by blood vessels that were too close to the surface, along with a dry nose. He needed to use saline spray, which was almost impossible to get him to do on a regular basis. He refused to blow his nose until he was 16!

    What the ER and his doctor told us was to keep some antihistamine spray like Afrin and some Q-tips on hand for nosebleeds. When he got a bleed, he should be able to tell which part of his nose it is coming from. I'm sure you already know to never tilt the head back. Anyway, spray the q-tip with Afrin until it is well soaked. Gently put the q-tip in the nose in the general area of the bleed, and kind of roll it to be sure you are getting the right spot, but don't hold it there. The Afrin will shrink the blood vessels and stop the bleeding. Repeat again in a few minutes if it only slows the bleeding.

    That is the $2700 answer to your problem, free of charge! ;)
  6. totoro

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    N gets gushers... she has had eye surgeries also. Her lacrimal ( I first typed Lamictal) Duct is abnormal. She has 3 and one is blocked and one is partially blocked and one if oddly shaped... We think through all of her surgeries something had to have been probed, pushed irritated in her sinus cavity? Anyway she has had 4 this week. She had to stay home friday from one. She isn't a picker either.
    We have AYR it is good for lubrication and keeping it from drying out.
    Her pediatrician's have all said it is common... but everyone says that for everyone one of my kids! LOL
    So we are watching. Like everything.
    We use borax Or Baking Soda and Vinegar Or Hydrogen Peroxide.
    I will try the Afrin as well!!! Thank Witz...
  7. amazeofgrace

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    difficult child II gets them really bad as well, his psychiatrist said it's the medications drying him out. It's scarey at how long it takes them to stop! We also use saline spray when he seems to start having them back to back.
  8. Wiped Out

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    Thanks everyone!

    SW-I will call the doctor. We've done so in the past and he always says it's not that unusual (pediatrician). He has given us a vasoline type product in the past. I'll also call psychiatrist just to make sure it's not medication related.

    Lisa-Thanks for the peroxide hint-we will be trying it. He does have clots at times as well.

    Loth-This Ayr is the saline gel but basically the same thing. He just had a psychiatrist appointment on Tues and his blood pressure was normal so hopefully it isn't that. Maybe it is allergies?

    Witz-I will try the Afrin-thanks! We are hoping to avoid having to have his nose cauterized.

    Totoro-I'm hoping they don't end up sending difficult child home one of these days with his nose bleeds. Thanks for the tips-we'll try the peroxide first and then the baking soda and vinegar.

    I am getting a bit more concerned. He had two more gushers today!
  9. klmno

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    Good luck, Sharon- I don't know anything about this- other then when I was a teen I had nose-bleeds but it turned out I was iron-anemic. I hope he (and you) gets over it soon.
  10. Abbey

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    I used to have them horribly until I was in my mid 20's. I don't know what triggered them, but they would just start. I had both nostrils cauterized and have never had one since.

    Now, I will tell you that it is NOT a pleasant procedure. But, I guess the end result was worth it. I thought they were drilling into my brain. They cauterized it and then put in an artificial patch in each side. They told me it would have to be redone about every 10 years (I don't think I could do it again), but I'm 25 years in and never had a problem.

  11. susiequte

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    Try keeping a humidifier running in his bedroom. The extra moisture in the air might help.
  12. busywend

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    difficult child got her first noe bleed since she was a toddler today. She has been sick with this cold that is going around. She told me that several of her friends have had the bleeding, too. It might be part of the cold if he has had this one.

    I got the humidifier going now.
  13. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Ayr is a saline spray, but it also comes in a gel form. The saline gel is great! You apply it with a qtip and it really moisturizes the nose.
  14. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    A humidifier sounds like a good idea, the only thing right now it is so humid out it's hard to imagine running one-we may have to though.

    We are taking him to see his pediatrician today. I called both psychiatrist and pediatrician. Pediatrician wants to see him and psychiatrist's nurse called and asked us to ask for platelet testing to make sure he is clotting. I'll update tonight.

    Susie Ayr in gel form is what we are using. He didn't have a bloody nose yesterday!

    BW-What a horrible cold that nose bleeds come with it!

    Susiqute-Thanks for the humidifier idea!

    Abbey-I hope we can avoid the cauterization-it sounds painful.

    Klmno-Iron-anemic-hmm-does that only happen to girls or can it be a guy thing too?

    AoG-It is hard to believe how long the nose bleeds take to stop!
  15. TerryJ2

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    Good luck. You've gotten some great advice.
    Just wanted to send support.
  16. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Whew-it's nothing serious. He said the blood vessels are really close to the surface and any little bump right now will start a bleed. He said to keep using the AYR twice a day and hopefully we'll be able to avoid the cauterization.

    Again, thanks for all of the support and ideas:)