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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by rejectedmom, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. rejectedmom

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    easy child/difficult child is undergoing an evaluation ordered by his employer of 5 years today to determine if he can return to work. I believe they do not really want him back & they are afraid of of him because he had those delusions at work. Just ignorance on their part he is no threat to anyone. Is medication compliant and doing everything he needs to do to stay well. It has been two full months and then some since he had the mental breakdown. I have already had a conversation with ADA in our state so I know what I need to do if things get bad. But we would like for them to not get to that place. So please hold good thoughts for him. He is there now and has the second half of this work ordered evaluation next week. His FMLA leave is up on the 27th and if he doesn't return to work for any reason even medical, they can fire him.
  2. DDD

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    Sending my strongest vibes his way. I hope the evaluator is fully knowledgeable and will be able to reassure the skeptics. Fingers crossed. DDD
  3. Bunny

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    Fingers crossed and good vibes are coming your way. I hope that all goes well for your son and that his employer will let him back to work.
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    Oh I sure hope it is not one of those go thru the motions because the evaluator already has his report written to support his paycheck....

    I had that one time with car medical insurance... in person doctor says he can see this caused a problem, then wrote in a report that an injury seven years prior was the reason I was feeling pain now... no matter that I had not received treatment for that other thing for many years.

    I hope they can learn about this and be fair to him.
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    Good and positive thoughts going your way. Crossing every limbs.
  6. hearts and roses

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    Sending good mojo! Positive thoughts that all will work out!
  7. rejectedmom

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    Thank you , thank you, thank you. My stomach is in a knot at the moment. They said it will be an hour today and an hour again next week. easy child/difficult child is soooooooooo nervous. He is also very nieve so I am not sure what they will ask him and how he jwill answer. No one looking out for him in this but me and I cannot sit in. His Asperger's makes it fraught with pitfalls... sorta like sending a blind man out into a flagged mine field.
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    Crossing body parts . I really hope they have an open mind. He deserves this chance.

  9. rejectedmom

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    I do not think it went well I posted and update.