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How old were you all when you started getting body aches from house cleaning? I am 44 years old and feel like I am too young to have this much aching just from cleaning house. I first noticed this problem when I was in my late thirties, but now if I clean house, I hurt so badly I cannot even sleep. Is this amount of pain normal for a 44 year old? I still swum, but I cannot go hard and fast anymore, so I do slow swimming and low intensity water aerobics. Those things don't bother me.


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I am 64 and can still do it pretty easily and without pain. Have you checked with a doctor? Do you smoke? Do you exercise at all? I think exercising g and not smoking helps me feel young. I do have arthritis but don't feel it much because I keep very active.

I also think 44 is young to get aches and pains like that. I would check it out. I am really sorry.

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44 is young to be sore from housework. I have arthritis too, and find that movement helps. I am sorry you are feeling this way. Please check with your doctor dear.

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I would have been in my early 50's before I started feeling the ill-effects of getting down on my hands and knees and such, but up until that point I can't remember much in the way of aches or pains.

Crayola. Try going easier. Maybe you're being too aggressive and going too hard when you take on chores and things. A good approach would be to try and space-out your chores through the week. i.e. Floors on Monday, dusting on Wednesday, allowing yourself a day rest between the two, and maybe some laundry on Friday to welcome-in the weekend. Of course my schedule is fictitious and represents my take on the matter, I'm hoping it lends you a few ideas as to altering things in your life to help make things easier. :)

I wouldn't be overly concerned about your minor aches and pains. We all differ and enter and go through changes at different paces.


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Okay ladies I work full time and have two cleaning ladies come every other Friday and have done that since my youngest was born. It's affordable for us at only $75 per clean and frees up my weekends.

Of course I still have to keep up with the dishes and laundry but the heavy work is done. This is something that we have always budgeted for and it's really a life saver!


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I have had a cleaning lady on and off for years. I used one up North, and just had a nice one out yesterday who did a great deep clean. I'll be having her out monthly (can't afford more).

Deep clean was something else. Took a shower today and the grout almost blinded me.


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Going North...great idea! I would be lost without my monthly housekeeper.
For those who don't have any housekeeper, if you can afford it at my humble opinion, it is WELL WORTH IT.
I have some autoimmune issues, so body aches come with the territory. Therefore, I'm not sure when it might be typical for body aches to appear without that situation.
Maybe late 40s???? A lot would depend on overall health and perhaps if one is carrying extra weight. I just lost five pounds and already feel slightly better. *Best to check with your doctor.

I have a housekeeper once a month. THANK GOODNESS. I wish it was more often, but I'm thrilled for this relief. On the weeks she comes, I use it to catch up with my folding and ironing....which is almost always behind.
by the way, Christmas time or if I am ill, I gather that ironing and simply take it to the Dry Cleaners. I don't sweat it. But, most of the time, I try to do it if at all possible.
Ok, so three weeks out of the month I have to clean.
I have learned to pace myself. This is a MUST.
I do the master bedroom and bath on Thursday. Easy.
On Friday, I do the living room and a few other rooms.
On Saturday or Sunday, I do the kitchen.
If my autoimmune stuff is causing bad issues, I might have to do it on a different day or my husband might have to chip in.
I'm fortunate that since I have the housekeeper once a month, I can take shortcuts here and there.
To me, that is wonderful and well worth it.
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I was about 50 when the pain of everyday stuff started kicking my butt. It was a very long five years of "WTH is happening to me?", doctor visits, tests, MRIs, etc. until I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I'm working on being kinder to myself on bad days, and doing what I can on good days.

As long as we're fed, have clean clothes, and the animals are cared for, I let lots of things slide.