Bomb threat @ PCs school/easy child now refuseing college/difficult child referred to dentist n CITY grrr

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    easy child texted me from school today, a bomb threat was found in boys bathroom....the school sent a note home to parents. (They have not sent any notes about anything home with the kids in my district in YEARS) The threat said a bomb would go off Friday. School decided NOT to close. There have been many threats the last couple months all thruout the greater chicago metro area, some at colleges, many at high schools, and some even at middle schools and elem schools....very often the schools involved have closed. But, I guess like our district and them never calling a snow day, they choose to not close for bomb threat, either.

    easy child told me last nite, now that we have filed intent to register (and paid non refundable fee) and chose her dorm (and paid non refundable fee) and ordered her meal ticket and are supposed to go pick her classes next week----that she decided she cannot afford to go to this school after all. She has numerous scholarships and grants as well as academic awards etc......and she will be getting VA assistance as well, due to dad being 100% permanant total disabled, service connected. I had been nervous and a year ago, I asked her to consider going to our community college for her first year or 2......but she wanted to go away to school, so we began the process. Now all of a sudden out of a clear blue sky, she is adamant she cannot not going.......but- thats about all she says- that she feels she cannot afford it?

    difficult child had found a dentist who would accept her Medicaide..she scheduled her own appointment, (A big step for her---setting the appointment, clearing the date and time with me, and simply going at all, becuz she had jumped out of every dentist chair since age 9 or so.....way too high anxiety) I refused to help her set the appointment, becuz I had little faith she would follow thru. well- she did, last week she went--and went back today. I have been upset with husband and kids recently, becuz noone else does one single thing here at all-----and I just still was not sure difficult child would really go back to dentist today, and did not feel like bothering, I am SO weary of so many long trips for medical etc.....and her dentist is 90 mins each way. in heavy traffic. so, last nite I mumbled I should make husband take her...well, thats a joke, he is more anxious than difficult child..he has not driven outside our town in years......and him doing something for anyone? never. To my surprise this morning, he said where and when? SO I let him take her.
    and to my greater surprise difficult child let dad take her!
    SO I kept expecting things to go bad.....but sounds like it went ok enough, except they both had a panic attack coming home and had to pull over for an hour......
    BUT dentist has referred difficult child to another dentist becuz this dentist said she sees no cavities etc, but difficult child is complaining of intense tooth pain.....
    So, I wondered if the specialist would accept the Medicaide?
    Turns out..the referred dentist is at Univ of Chicago, same place as sons eye doctor.......5 hour each way trip. I cancelled sons last eye doctor appointment, becuz I simply freaked out myself----so much intense violence in that neighborhood the last many kids shot, drive by shootings, stray bullets, hit and runs, even an especially unusually high number of public transportation accidents etc, busses hitting pedestrians, and train and el and subway incidents.....WAY more than usual.....SO much more, it got to me. And threats..bomb threats everywhere....threats related to the cougar chicago police killed...and even so many events where police are being blamed for crimes etc....
    So- I simply freaked, paniced and could not go to that area right good number of the victims of all that wind up haveing to stay at the Ronald McDonald House where me and son stay...and last time I was there, it affected me- survivors guilt or something------and so even that part was giving me difficulty, plus the mall shooting near there etc, all had a hand in me cancelling sons last eye appointment.......and as yet, still too much going on for me to yet be able to reschedule it.

    Well-------THATS where difficult children dental referral is to. :-(
    No way husband could handle THAT trip-----heck, no way I could handle sending him THAT far.....
    and to go that far, I cannot do that trip in one day.....partly due to my Lupus/RA, it is just too hard for me, and partly becuz the traffic is SO heavy, SO crazy, so difficult, for the entire 5 hour drive to get there.....Plus there ARE no hotels there, partly why we stay at RMH------BUT difficult child is 19 yrs longer a "child" and therefore does not make us eleigible to stay at RMH......altho that neighborhood is a very hard scary dangerous one, anyway.......


    Life sure stays interesting. ALways some new challenege to rise up to try to face and meet.

    I know none of this is really all that intense.....especially compared to how difficult life can be with some of our difficult children........(I remind myself often how glad I am my difficult child is calmer these days.....) - But it still keeps me on my toes and busy........and borders on driving me nuts......
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    grrr, I am livid.
    I talked to guidance office at PCs high school today. My easy child has taken extra classes every year, could have graduated last year...she has taken AP (advanced placement) classes and honors classes, as well.....she chose NOT to graduate last year becuz she was too young to go to the uni she wanted to go to at that time.
    She has full scholarships and grants and has completed nearly everything to be set to go to college of her choice in fall.

    NOw she came home and said she is now 1/4 credit short of a specific area - and it is a problem for her college attendance.
    I called guidance today to confirm, and her counselor is out (again) on leave. The person I spoke with pulled PCs records and gasped and said OMG, I am SO sorry---that info IS correct, this is unheard of. yes it IS a problem.
    The college might NOT accept summer school class to correct this....
    AND------our school does not offer any class in this needed area in summer school. AND summer school is $355 PER class....and is in session Mon-Fri 7 am till 1130 am. easy child was dependant upon working full time plus this summer for more money for at college....
    AND heck.....with us on soc sec disability, I do not have this kind of money.

    I said to guidance counselor I was talking with- I do not understand, HOW did this happen? Isn't that what guidance counselors do? How could my dtr be short a critical credit like this? We have made it clear with guidance office all along, easy child was on college track. This guidance counselor (who is not PCs counselor) is appalled. Shocked, and quite upset. Well, she sure could not be more upset than easy child or me. I am livid. easy child is crushed and ready to give up.
    I am SO tired of school, police, court, always dropping the ball, and then seemingly simply shrugging their shoulders and saying "oops" and leaving things in peices for families to try to pick up.

    See, had court for the case where easy child was an ongoing victim of a crime that her and difficult child reported to school along with one of their friends - they reported the crime back in 1999. The school decided to not do anything at all.and in 2005, the friend went to police again.and the perpetrator got arrested------easy child has been questioned, and listed with 6 OTHER girls as an ongoing victim since 1999-2005......
    I go to court at least once a month, following the case...and victims advocate told me last week, it will NOT come to trial before CHristmas, but when it does, easy child will be subpenaed to testify against the man.....and if she does not come to testify, SHE will be arrested? Does not matter she will be gone to college out of state......worse, in Dec the defendant asked judge to refund back $35,000 of his bond (reduce bond by $350,000) becuz HE just had a new baby, and needed the money, and look he has been to every court date? Judge gave it to him. Yeesh, I have been at every court date, too...even more worse, the defendant DID break terms of bond- he contacted easy child and her friend more than once, and threatened frind 3 times, and came to PCs work twice..and yes, all of those violations were reported....

    The last few nites, some large stray cat has attacked our kitties THRU our house windows, and damaged our screens and windows--and hurt 2 of our kitties....last nite difficult child called police non emergency- we need a police report for the windows and screens..but police laughed at difficult child and said too bad, nothing they can do. They refused to come.....we tried calling animal control, but- they were closed...and the line has been busy all morning today.

    Tired. I am tired. I do not understand all the rules, laws, policies, regulations about ANYTHING. Sure seems to me that noone anywhere here in any position of authority, power or responsibility really wants to do anything if they do not feel like it at the moment.
    Oh yeah- and when easy child first got her license and went for a drive, someone began throwing eggs at her windshield, while she was driving, and they also followed her a few miles------the egg splattered and obstructed her vision..and then it damaged the car windows and car paint....she had her cell, called 9-1-1..police came, chased the guy, caught him..but- refused to write on police report about damage to car....even after us and our car insurance company confirmed damage- and they only wound up chargeing the guy with disturbigng the peace and then they dropped that charge in court, as well, even tho me and easy child were in court- saying they did not have enough evidence for the charges.

    Tired. I am tired. Disgusted. Does ANYONE anywhere DO their jobs?
    Our school sure has failed all 3 of my kids, now. COmpletely and totally.and grrr..our real estate tax bill came this week....UG-- between how much our property tax is for the school district part, and then how much they charge for registration, lab fees, books etc at start of year--- I am just disgusted.

    whew, thanks for letting me vent. grrrrrr
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    YIKES. easy child wouldn't stay home today and tomorrow (the threat said for tomorrow)

    Well, she texted me a few mins ago-the elec went off at her school- weather is fine.....
    AND unlike normally when elec goes off at school and they usually simply continue their day as normal, just without elec- they have now put the kids in LOCKDOWN. Now, they have been in lockdown many times---for all kinds of reasons, but---easy child is very freaked out now. I tried to go to the school- but the street is closed......

    Last nite I notified our local TV station about the bomb threat- THREE times, via phone, text and email.....but, TV decided not to put word out.
    NOTHING in our local paper or on TV at all about the threat.....

    So- why is elec at school out? and why are the kids now in lockdown?
    ANd husband wants to know--if there is a bomb threat? WHY are the kids locked INSIDE the building?????????

    easy child is freaked out....I am also freaked out. There are no storms here. There are not any traffic accidents or construction around the school to account for elec to have gone off......

    WHATS going on?
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    Yikes, now she texted, they have herded the ENTIRE school into the gym. BUT they are not explaining why to the kids........and we cannot get close to the building.......
    I am scared. She is freaked. There is NO WAY I am letting her go to school tomorrow........this is nuts. WAY too scary.
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    Dreamer, that school is SO lame. Have you considered filing a complaint to the superintendent? You have to type it up and be very specific, but you've got 2 good complaints, judging from your notes above.

    Meanwhile, I'm sure everything will be fine and it's all a coincidence. I just hope your easy child calms down. I don't blame her for not wanting to go to school. What a mess. I am so sorry.
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    update to the problem with credits----
    Head of guidance called me just now---she had called over to the college.....
    turns out even if easy child were to take the class in summer school, nite school or at comm college? will not count, it HAD to be within the 8 semesters of HS? AND guidance head said while easy child DID take a few of the classes that DID count for that criteria, this HS has changed the category they LABEL those classes...and it is becuz our HS changed the LABEL of the classes- they now do not count, AND easy child is NOT the only kid this is now poseing a problem for for college!!!!!!!!!! But, so far noone has figured out a way to correct this problem! GRRRRRRRR I am SOOOOOOOO ticked!