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    Yesterday was D’s class visit to the book fair. He was obsessing a little about it in the morning. I told him we would all go back on family night and he could get 1 book then, it seemed to settle him. I received a total of 3 calls from the principal because D’s reg ed teacher caught him stealing an $8 book. I was told that the teacher saw him put it under his shirt. He also had bought a $2 book. I explained he didn’t have ANY money and was told we would go at night. Turns out he got a friend to give him $2 (friend’s lunch $, friend then charged his lunch) while on the morning school bus and he got another kid to give him $1 at the fair. After he purchased his book he sat down with both books (he said he just wanted to find codes on video games in the $8 book and try to remember them). I find that explanation possible but he hid the book from his teacher and was reading the other book when she came by. This kid is a very good liar, very very good, but his explanation sounds possible, he would do that. D has said that he didn’t have it under his shirt but was sitting on it to hide it from her, he thought she would suspect him of taking it. I wish the teacher would have waited until he left the room, then there would be no doubt. Who would you believe?
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    Never mind, I decided to go with the teacher.
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    You know - it's those nagging little things where we so very much want to believe them and either can't because we're so jaded or don't because we feel we've been led down the primrose path so many times we just can't do it again - that kill me.

    We honestly just got to a point where we looked at Dude "lietous Supremus Al' Detime." and said "We do not believe a word that is coming out of your mouth." Short of being on fire and standing in front of us in flames -every time you open your mouth -just count on us questioning it and wanting you to back it up with proof.

    He's 17 - he still fibs - but is quicker to correct himself before someone yells LIAR - and then PROVES him wrong.

    I am in eternal hope he grows out of lots of things but MOSTLY lying.


    oh - and as far as punishment for stealing a code or cheat book ? Three days without the video PROVIDING he walks the chalk line all 3 days - that's not too long to expect him to hold it together - for his game back.

    PS - you can get game cheats ON LINE - for FREE.....Dude used to use them all the time - IN GOOGLE Type GAME CHEATS FOR (name of game) and you will be BLOWN away - I think if Dude stole something I'd make him buy it. He hated that.
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    Thanks Star, it does rip me up. He has 5 days in his room that is close to bare. Just some action figures and is killing him...yet he puts more energy at being angry with the teacher, principal and me then showing much remorse.I am afraid it re-enforces his belief that he is bad and why fight it, yet I don't see any other action. I cut him a break and count the day it happened as day 1 so we have 3 days to go. If he behaves himself I will allow his sibs to play in his room with him on Sat.. He would be so nice to them then...until they want to leave.